EOO | Irsa | Pegasus of Rainbows Picture

Name: Irsa
Herd: Olympian
God/Goddess: Iris; Goddess of Rainbows and light, used to be messenger for the gods, handmaiden to Hera
Age: 520
Height: 12.2
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Power: Light Refraction; She can take preexisting light and change it in ways to create rainbows, blind enemies, or even focus it to burn. She is limited to the light existing within her sphere of influence though, as she cannot create her own.

Quick Tempered
Irsa is not exactly a quiet and calm creature like her goddess. She has a fiery temper that, when light, will take time to go out. When angry, she becomes overtly competitive and, while she doesn't necessarily turn violent, she won't hold in her tongue and often says hurtful things.
Loyal to a fault, this mare would die for her goddess and others she cares about. Once you earn her respect and trust, you will never meet a more loyal friend. She would walk through the fires of the underworld for her friends. And while she doesn't consider all of the pegasi of olympus her friends, she would still do everything she could to protect one of her comrades.
Remarkably intelligent, Irsa has a mind for tactics and planning. While this is useful on the battlefield, her wit can be somewhat annoying. She has a sharp tongue, and generally knows how to use it properly unless angered. This girl knows a lot and pays attention to what happens around her. For her, nothing is forgotten.
Irsa is incredibly competitive. This is mostly due to the fact that Hermes was chosen as messenger god of Iris, and while her goddess holds no ill contempt for this, Irsa surely does. The mare will take any chance she can to prove she is smarter and faster than almost anyone.
Underneath the shell she tries to hold herself in, Irsa is genuinely kind. If she sees someone hurting, she will try to ease it, normally by trying to make them smile by creating a rainbow. Her heart is in the right place and she will always try to ease the pain of those around her.
Beauty is something that is important to Irsa. Not others beauty necessarily, but her own. She spends hours preening and grooming herself to look the best she can. She finds personal hygiene and cleanliness to be of the utmost importance.

History: coming...

Additional Info: Irsa's wings are translucent and extremely light and fragile. They work like a hummingbirds, so when she flies, they look like a rainbow blur due to the fact that they are flapping so fast. She can fly at the speed of light and her speed is only matched by Akylas, Hermes' pegasus, and this irks her to no end. No matter where she flies, a faint rainbow seems to follow her. Her mane rotates through the colors of the rainbow.

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