Gemini Picture

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I figured I might put up a few of the textual pieces I've been doing at uni. I doubt they'll be well received, DA isn't really the right place for them, but there's no real harm.

There are a few themes in this work. Primarily, gender, and branching off of that there's the ideas of:
- Gemini (mythologically, see nature and creation story (the story goes that we were originally a race with double everything we have now, but then we were split apart, and that's how come we have sexes and genders now)).
- Sex chromosomes, the things that (according to SCIENCE) determine our sex.
- A miscarried sibling. Personal story, ask me in PM or suchlike if you're curious.
- Probably a few others.

[Semi]automatically written, then refined and spread out over a page.

Could have been set out better... but we art and learn I suppose!
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