Kuro--The Third KAGE Picture

Gosh there are a lot of things I would really like to make for my series called KAGE. Being one of my very first story ideas I have created a prequel and a sequel to the story because just like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars I have to create a whole new alien race with tons of details. And because of this I can create many different concepts. The first KAGE series introduces the Orthian race and you even go there learning about the mythology, legends, politics and way of life. The prequel is known as KAGE: The beginning that deals with how KAGE came to be on the planet as well as how NOVA became their god. This character is from the sequel to the original KAGE that takes place almost a century later where now Orthians and humans live together on Earth.

This guy is Kuro, a human who was chosen to be KAGE.
I should stop before I give you too much details. xD
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