Persephone Picture

This is sort of a collage going with Papillon and Unenchanted Evening, in the sense it's main color used throughout the collage is greenm with some pink, and a little brown.

Very much influenced my Mucha, I even included a sort of border of swirling lines.

I was very happy to complete this piece, it took forever to collect all the little magazine clippings I needed and place everything in the right spot.

I decdied tocall this Persephone, for now at least because the piece has the image of this strange woman walking along, flowers trailing after her, and all along her. With every step she is taking, she brings forth life, growth, and the wakening of spring.

Oh, and I almost forgot, to those who don't know Gods and Goddesses well, or mythology, Persephone is the Goddess of Spring.

The model is actually wearing Haute Couture by Alexander McQueen ( As if it wasn't obvious from her crazy dress and psycho hair haha )
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