Lupi Arbor Picture

Despite being one of the newer characters in EAMON and being the character that actually prompted the revamp, Lupi has changed a bit too.
There's some alterations in her design, such as her belt and the wolf's head shoulder pad is now a wolf's head hood that she can change the fastenings on to wear it as pictured or as an actual hood.

Lupi is probably my favourite character from the story now, just because the mythology behind her people is so rich and interesting to me. I honestly don't know where it comes from though, it just pops out of thin air.
Like, the Arbor clan all live in an extremely snowy region, but they have darker skin because the sun is always shining, but it's not warm. So everyone calls it Frozen Sunlight and gets creeped out by the place, and then the clan get left alone which is what they want. /ramble

Art and Lupi belong to ~setsu-no-Kai
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