Coralina Emrys Picture

Full Name: Coralina Emrys
Birth Place: Gemantea, Fenn
Current Residence: Center City, Fenn
Age: 16
Parents: Myrddin Emrys and Evienne duLac
Known Siblings: Lancelot duLac, Elijah Meadows
Other Allies: Phineas, Oliver, Robin, Tom
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown

Bio: As a baby, Coralina was found at the edge of the lake Myrddin and Evienne live next to. She was raised by the two of them both in their small lake house and the palace where her parents advised the king and queen. She began to study at Mystra University at sixteen to understand her elemental magic, and is tutored by Maggie, Phineas' caretaker.

Personality: A bit of a bookworm, Coralina would much rather daydream and wander around then do much else. She is sweet and quiet, and quite adept at understanding mythology. She loves reading Outsider literature and books, and is quite interested in learning about her famous older brothers.
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