Euronyme Picture

"All was chaos in the beginning. The wild emptiness tossed and turned eternally, rolling into spiralling waves that formed a wide, wandering dance of energy. This was Euronyme, who, finding she could neither stop at any moment nor place her feet down to dance, divided chaos into the sea and sky."

- Sarah Bartlett, The Mythology Bible

And then the story goes on to babble about how she danced with wind until it turned into a snake who she then mated with. Weird. Anywho, this is a piece I did for a presentation at school, because I decided that instead of trawling Google Images for pictures, I'd have some fun and draw them myself. This is the first of who knows how many I still have to do. It's pretty much just a re-draw of the picture from the above book, but I did change quite a bit, most notably the serpent. I don't know if I made him more or less creepy...
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