ArtSlam: Part 2 Picture

The Week That Was Never Posted. I actually finished all of these sketches before I went to Estonia but never have bothered to gather them and lay out the characters until now. Rewair information is continued to be scattered with the character descriptions and general species information is usually added...except for certain beasties I haven't laid out properly in my mind. I have dozens of just "name and species" characters...

In any case, this is long, but if yer curious of any of the above, it should help.

Yet another of the infamous rewairs, but a female this time around. A fun fact about the rewair species is that males are dark gray furred with white markings while the females are white furred with black markings.

Misty is a character with personality issues. Her shapeshifting quite unstable at times. When she was younger and living in a pet store, she used to take the form of various pets to get adopted. This never worked for long as she was returned to the store multiple times. Her mother also lived at the store, but due to a head injury, acts very canine. Misty doesn't even know about her rewair background until her father finds her in a very lukewarm reunion. Her father is the one who gave her the necklace.

Gremlins are small salamander type creatures with over-sized jaws and over-sized fore claws, actually even larger than shown in the sketch (or so I imagine...). They were incarnated in World War II when they used to feed off malfunctioning plane engines. Now, in the digital age, their populations have expanded to all matter of electronic devices, though their favorite snacks are older car engines. Gremlins move in swarms from place to place, usually in an atomized cloud. Technically, this means they are short range teleporters, popping in and out of the air from place to place. Their physical movements are sleek and jittery, much like a small bird (think of a gremlin tilting its head to the side like a sparrow while looking at you).

Zeke is one of those who Thomas unintentional lures to him with his quirky old cell phone. He soon grows an affinity to Thomas, mostly because he likes bits of Thomas's broken cell phone he can nibble on and getting chin scratches. He communicates through what sounds like Morse code beeps. Separated from his swarm, he eventually grows a personality without being reigned in by the group and learns some interesting talents in teleportation.

The powers of rewairs are fickle and in some rewairs they are more fickle than most. Previous generations of rewairs only a few hundred years back didn't even have these "quirks" so it is assume that they picked up this perchance to have powers usually only exclusive to other mythical creatures when they were separated from freely feeding of human emotions during the "Rewair Repression" period. Instead, they started feeding off the powers of mythical creatures who 'controlled' them. This change in rewairs eventually led to the freedom of rewairs with the "Rewair Revolution."

Speaking of fickle rewairs, here is Zippy, a quirky and painfully awkward example. He can manipulate electricity, though only in a rough sense. Zippy is unable to handle plugged in electronic devices without said device exploding in his paws. This does nothing for his confidence. What he lacks in self-confidence, he tries to make up with good humor, with mixed results. From time to time, when too backed up with static in his system, he gets rather jumpy and bombastic about everything.

Then there's the example of Fireclaw, who no one is certain if he was pyromanic before or after he was taken in by dragons as a pup. Rewairs don't have their powers when first born but appear to gain them within a few months after birth. In any case, being raised by dragons, Fireclaw's talent to produce fire with his paws came in use when surviving the young dragon hierarchy of his youth. So much so, that there are many younger dragons who not only respect his talents, but he's good friends with. He wasn't told he was a dragon until the dragon council decided they needed to throw him to his own kind...before then, he thought he was a fuzzy Himilayan mite dragon type.

Fireclaw is, of course, hot-headed at times, fierce, to the point, by the book type character with a heart. He does not like being a rewair and he tries his best to separate himself from the species by doing things usually exclusive to any other species, not limited to dragons. One such example is his ambition to join the mythical security forces, though the only members are werewolves. He's a work in progress who has identity issues (which seems to be a common thing for rewairs) and, actually, shall eventually end up in law, which his level-hotheadedness in tense situations shall pay off.

And yes, that costume worked for a while in hiding his species from the other dragons. Don't ask.

It may surprise you to know that ferrets are actually a low-grade form of mythical creature. They don't have any absurd powers or abilities besides being swoopy and having cute noses, though some theorist say that their ferret nature of snooping and slithering into tight spaces is part of their mythos. Above all, ferrets have infiltrated their way into human society and hence are a valued, if usually overlooked, mythical creature. They may or may not have god-like powers over carpeted areas.

Lorry is a cheerful, if distractable, example of ferret, always lusting for the freedom and adventures she believes other mythical creatures have on a daily basis. If it weren't for her beloved jiggly ball and the sisterly love for her cagemate, a sleepy ferret jack, she would escape the her enclosure and have grand adventures. Eventually she will escape and wriggle her way into some exceptional troubles, dooking all the way.

Werewolves used to be ferocious creatures that ripped apart flesh and cracked bones and foamed in a disconcerting way. After an event known as "the Fix" they mellowed out a great deal and now serve as security for other mythical creatures and agents to spy on humans of interest. Great comradeship between werewolves with some canine tendencies. Against popular belief, these days werewolves are usually born into existence rather than bitten into it...though the occasional accident occurs.

Kris is even more mellow of he average werewolf. Instead of wanting the action of the security forces or the undercover work, he would prefer being a tour guide of the main mythical creature hub deep in Siberia. He has gathered up many "fun facts" about the facility and of the many mythical creatures there. Kris is also a sentimental type who fails to believe beasts are all that bad and that hugs are necessary in any situation. In other words, Kris is a bit of a sap. That's not to say he's not dangerous when he needs to be, usually when a friend is on the line.

Do I need to describe what a polar bear is?

Jack is Ronts's unofficial confidant somewhere in the Arctic. Ronts keeps on running into him whenever he passes through the area, to the point that it turns into something more than coincidence.

Jack likes seal the best, but will settle with fish if its offered.

North American dragon species with some European dragon background. He is one of the less uptight of dragons and by his species terms, he's still an adolescent, full of issues and rants and overbearing parents. Despite all this, he's still a sensible beast and fancies himself as an anthropologist of sorts. He's also a little too snarky at times. What can I say, he's at a pre-teen age.

The Bunny
He's only an honorary mythological creature though some beast insist he might have some jackalope in him (he actually might be a jackalope as I develop the character, but I really like the idea of him just being a bunny). He's known as a exceptional fight trainer, himself able to bring down a full grown werewolf, ears over his eyes, one paw behind his back. He doesn't speak, only in Meaningful Pauses. I'm kidding, he uses charade-type paw motions for communication. The Bunny hasn't quite mastered telekinesis.

He is obviously a creature to be feared by any creature of the predatory spectrum.
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