The Acid Worm Picture

People who know me know about the acid worms.... But here it is for the DA community!

The acid worm is a creature of legend. Related closely to the monogolian death worm, yet spread so far appart. The Acid Worm is a long, worm-like creature with a jaw split into three parts. On each of these parts of jaw is an eye, and the in sides lined with teeth. From it's long body oozes greenish acid, melting the ground around it for burrowing. The acid mainly comes from the antenni-like extensions on it's head. It's body is easilt ten meters long, with jaws large enough to swallow prey in one gulp!

The live in, like, packs. Their den is nothing but the bones of dead worms, and oozing pools of green acid. These places are know as Acid Worm Graveyards.... And one would be wise to advoid such places for one worm is always there to defend their home. Anyone foolish enough to walk on their land will surely die a horrible death.

The Acid Worm's colors varry from black top with a necular green underbelly, or purple topped with a pastle blue stomach. The reason fo the color differences is unknown. Maybe it is to define members of their pack? Maybe it's gender related? Age related? We don't know.....

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