Crocottastar female Picture

So I have a million cats on mweor that I would like to make into actual mweors I can breed. Until I get the MP needed, I have this series of mweors.

This one is Crocottastar--leader of DM sub-clan. She fell in love with her deputy Hyenastripes. When she passed away, he suffered greatly as he tried to take her place as leader.

Her name, Crocotta, is, "also known as the Corocotta, Crocuta or Yena, is a mythical wolf like creature said to lurk in the forests of India and Ethiopia... The scientific name for the spotted hyena is Crocuta crocuta, which was taken from the mythological Crocotta, and there are some similarities in their descriptions. Hyenas after all have very powerful teeth and jaws and can digest a wide range of foods." -- [link]
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