The Journey of the Ba Picture

In Egyptian mythology, whenever someone died, his spirit was separated into the ka (physical body) and the ba (soul).
The ba had to pass all sorts of obstacles in order to be allowed into the Land of the Dead and they passed them with the papers given to them by the living before they were buried.
The last test was called "The Weighing of The Heart". This was when Anubis placed the Ba's heart on a scale and weighed it against the Feather of Truth.
If the ba's soul was good, the heart would be lighter than the Feather of Truth and the ba would pass to the Land of the Dead, ruled by Osiris.
If the ba's soul was bad because of the bad deeds they had done, then the Ba would die a second and more painful death at the hands of Ammit.
Here is the ba on its Journey.
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