Liza the Phoenix Profile Picture

Full Name: Liza the Phoenix
Gender: Female
Current Age: Unknown
Species: Phoenix
Ability Type: Fly and Power
Specialty: Military instructor with fire element
Personality: Stern, somewhat aggressive, fearless, slightly gullible, mischievous and frisky at times but rarely
Likes: Being the sarge in charge, military training, learning new skills, being a little playful and carefree every now and then
Dislikes: Lack of dedication, being tricked and betrayed
Family: N/A
Friends: Flair (… ), Casey (… ), Art (… ), Sasha (… ), and anyone who possesses fire element
Enemies: Anyone with commitment issues
Crushes/Loves: Has an eye for Scorch (… )
Important Details:
- She became a licensed military instructor who was once hired at an enforcement station to assist officers with keeping their captives in line. She worked in this position for a wile until she met a troublesome inmate who showed feelings for her. Over time she fell for him and the two kept their intimacy a secret. At one point she was caught with him on camera and the officers found out and fired her. On the day of leaving the station with her final paycheck, she sadly stopped by her suitor's cell to tell him goodbye only to hear that he had no interest in her, and he was only acting to love her so she can get on his side and help him escape. But since she was fired, his plan didn't work. When she heard these words, combined with the anger of losing her job, she lost her temper and fire flew out of her hands and she ended up partially burning down the station. After the events of her losing and burning her job, the news was spread to the other instructors of the boot camp where she trained herself and others. She was then suspended from her military training licence, and left out on the streets as a loner with no purpose. Later she was reported to a mythological confinement where dangerous creatures were held in captivity. As she was free the streets, she came across a wanted sign which told her she was being looked for by the Myth confinement. As she gathered her thoughts she later decided to turn herself in to experience criminal life like her charred boyfriend did.
- When she turned herself in, the specialists from the confinement took her and applied and locked special fire resistant gloves on her hands which concealed them so flames couldn't fly out and start another jail fire like before. The specialists were also concerned of her tail feathers which tend to light up in flames when she becomes agitated or excited. She could control the flames to not spread or burn whatever touches it, but in case she had any ideas, they placed her in a cell next to the security office so guards could extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. The guards also kept watch on her to make sure she didn't retrieve the key to her gloves, since her hands spread fire faster and more viciously.
- Through the time of being locked up, she met and befriended her cell mates Art and Sasha, as well as the new security guard Casey who was too nice for her taste at first but eventually warmed up to her and the fact that shes's always positive and spreading her happiness to others. After Casey was transferred out of the confinement, her, Art, and Sasha were most upset. Her and the others waited and hoped she would get out of her situation and return or maybe even free them. Casey met Flair's community in the event of escaping the jail and meeting Randall (… ). Later that night, Ginger (… ), who volunteered to help get the others out, found her way in the confinement to guide them all home where they can be happy and not hurt anyone. Her, Sasha and Art were led to the community, but not sure why. When the they arrived, they saw Casey and Flair and instantly they knew they were welcomed for the first time. Therefore, her, Casey, Art, and Sasha all joined the community. Later on through time, the confinement mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Rumor has it the other mythological creatures took it out after they were freed by Ginger. No one knew how it happened, but recently after the rumor started, Ginger mysteriously had the key to unlock and remove her fire resistant gloves the specialists made her wear in captivity. She still wears the gloves so flames don't unleash from her hands accidentally when she loses her temper again, but she removes them when she means business.
- After a wile of being in the community, she encountered Scorch and developed a liking for him and his burning charm. Although she acts frisky and mischievous around him, she doesn't trust men enough to get too intimate with them. She also got to know Katia (… ) after she found out that she too possesses fire. Katia is a little too silly for her complete liking, but she appreciates the lessons that are offered to her on how shooting fire out of your hands should be done. She accepts the lessons, although she prefers to use her military skills rather than fire.
- Even though her military licence was suspended, she still trains herself and anyone who requests tutoring.
- She made and attached sashes with handles to the back of her tank top. These sashes are used for wings when she's in flight.
Creator's Comments: First off, finally the mythical creatures are done
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