Idlae App: Jack Picture

Name: Jacqueline "Jack" Ikaika

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Partner: Fieval "Fi" - [LINK TBA]

Height: 5'8" / 172.72cm

Weight: 148lb (without prosthetic) / 67kg

Place of Birth: Hawai'i island (aka "the big island")

-Small knife
-Small can of salt

Vehicle: 1972 VW Westfalia Camper (van), complete with hulagirl on the dash [link]; jokingly called 'the mystery machine' at times.

Personality: | Quick tempered | Restless | Clever (to an extent) | Gutsy |
Jack is 'charming and witty'. Or so she says. Really, she tends to be annoying for the sake of being annoying, and takes a fair amount of pleasure from pissing others off. Generally she tends to be pretty carefree, though she does have a temper and wont be quite so relaxed if you manage to piss her off. She tends to be flimsy on her morals, and doesnt generally feel guilt over things she honestly should and giving people a hard time when they themselves feel guilty. On top of all this, she doesnt really have boundaries when it comes to flirting and well... doing a couple other things. A real charmer, really.
When it comes to the job, shes the one who needs a bit of time to think things through and weigh the pros and cons. Most of the time she leaves the right away planning to Fieval, who is much better at thinking on his feet than her.

The 'surprise' second child, Jacqueline grew up in Hawaii with her single mother and Otto, her brother two years older than her. They spent much of their time playing with their three cousins, all boys, and Jacqueline was basically one of the boys, people often shortening her name to Jack. She was fine with that, and it stuck. One day her brother and one of their cousins decided it would be a good idea to take their uncles car for a joyride, and Jack tagged along. They wrecked the car, and Jack lost her leg in the accident. No longer able to participate in most if not all of the antics her and her brother and cousins used to, she was forced to sit around all the time or cling to things to stand with one leg. She spent much of her time reading the only thing that kept her attention for long-- mythology.
When she was thirteen, her mother moved Jack and her brother to California so her mother could get a job there. While it had been hard for her in Hawaii, Jacks was bullied horribly here for her missing leg, even once she was fitted with a prosthetic, and her facination with mythology and the occult didnt help matters. "Watch out for the freak with the fake leg" They would say. "I hear shes into that weird voodou stuff."
"Its kapu, not voodou, dickwads."
Needless to say, she didnt have many friends.
One friend she was close with, however, was another odd boy with a facination of monsters and the supernatural-- Fieval Blackwood. He had scounged up an afterschool club for the occult and other monsters, and they met there, continuing to meet up to talk about these sorts of things even after the club flopped. Over the years and even til highschool, they became and remained best friends and partners in crime-- which is to say they dragged each other into and bailed each other out of more than their fair share of trouble. They even lived a mere block away from each other.
Jack was seventeen when she and Fieval decided it would be some good fun to drag Jacks brother, Otto, into having a seance with a homemade talking board. They managed to call forth something, but their amazement quickly turned to shock and then, in Jacks case, fear, as whatever it was possessed her brother. It was violent, starting out throwing chairs and things about, then lashing out at Jack and Fieval. Jacks mother, who had been home, heard all the racket and came out. It went after Jacks mother, and at her mothers urging, Fi herded Jack into her room and they blocked the door. Jack stood, numb throughout all of this as Fi called his parents for help.
It was too late for Jacks mother and her brother. Her mother was dead and exorcizing the thing inside her brother left him in a coma.
Fievals parents took them both back to his house, and explained the best they could to the both of them. They were both hunters. The monsters, spirits, and other things that go bump in the night, they werent just superstitions, they were real. Jack took all of this with a numb sort of shock.
After the incident Jack was taken in for a time by Fievals parents. She visited her brother, still in a coma, often; she and Fi received a 'crash course' of sorts on hunting and how to protect themselves if anything like the incident were to ever happen again. Jack struggled for some time but bounced back well enough, and proved to be an efficient hunter alongside Fi. After scrimping and saving and working summer jobs, Jack was able to buy her camper van, and she and Fi set off out into the big bad world.

+ People who 'have a sense of humor';
+ Puzzles of most sorts;
+ Animals;
+ Scaring people with her fake leg antics;
+ The occasional drink or smoke; shes trying to quit smoking, and getting drunk has never particularly done it for her.
+ Mangos. Yes, she is in fact allergic. No, she doesnt care.
+ Classical music, oddly enough; not exactly the sort of thing you'd expect to hear blaring down the highway, but she does it anyways.

- Smart-asses (double-standard, i know);
- Long silences;
- Being pitied or looked down on because of her leg;
- Being asked if she can hula/limbo/other stupid things because shes Hawaiian;
- Sitting around and "waiting to be off'd by some monster with more of a head than us to actually get shit done."

- Her leg is gone just at the knee; Usually she wears pants with the full leg, shes simply shown with a cut off leg here to show the prothstetic.
- She binds her chest when 'on the job'; combined with her more boyish frame and voice, it can make it hard to tell that shes female. Not that she cares;
- Her 'leg antics' include but are not limited to: detaching her leg while standing so it will fall and make a loud noise; using the detached leg as a doorstop; throwing it at people;
- She can, in fact speak Hawaiian, and her particular accent is often evident in her speech ('th' sounds are replaced with 'd' or 't', depending, and often uses pidgen terms.) She took Spanish in highschool (and knows only a minimal amount), and studied Latin later on;
- In addition to inventory items, she also owns a small red radio, a phone which she constantly loses, and tends to have at least one puzzle book laying around someplace;
- Will hit on anything that moves
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