Brynhilde (OC) Picture

This is my character Brynhilde!
She is a Valkyrie (Valkyria in Swedish) of Asgard. In the story she will take place in the time as Loki and Thor is still children. Loki take a liking in her the first time he sees her and the quiet, violent hating Valkyrie takes a liking in him and is placed as his guards since he just run away from everyone else just to see her. But the other Valkyrie's don't like the fact that the little prince like the quiet Valkyrie more than them. What Oden didn't tell them thought, only the royal family knows, is that she is the strongest Valkyrie he has ever found. So when they attack her in front of the little prince she jumps in front of him and hit back without holding back.
This is just the base idea with her. She is quiet and hate violent but her feeling for duty and those close to her is very strong. If anyone would try to attack Loki for example she wouldn't hesitate to use violence if necessary.

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