Orange Bell's Sketch Request Picture

This was drawn for orange-bell. He asked me for "A psychotic serial killer riding a boar into the night sky." He asked me to 'Go Crazy' and I can honestly say that I did.

Here's what I drew: The boar God Kamapua'a allowing his psychotic and annoying sidekick, Johnny 'Mt. Etna' Machiavelli, to hitch a ride.

Kamapua'a is, in folklore, the Hawaiian boar god of fertility, who brought soft rains and green grass on the hills. He was also a lover to the volcano goddess Pele long enough for them to have a son, but the record on the child is obscure (all I read said he became an important ancestral figure to Hawaiian royalty or something like that. If anyone reading this knows more, please let me know). After the son was born, they split up after a fight.

In my mythology-themed fantasy novel, taking place in Modern Hawaii, Kamapua'a is the primary villain who is hot for revenge against Pele. In my story, the reason why she broke up with him was because he was too power hungry and lecherous to be a good husband. He demanded too much from his worshipers, who starved themselves to appease him with sacrifices. He also horned in on Pele's sisters when Pele was not around to see him doing so. He believes himself to be rightful king of Hawaii and has been fighting to prove that point.

Because he pursues revenge and power so relentlessly and remorselessly, he has, unfortunately, participated in dark magic rituals that have polluted him, turning his fertility magic slowly into black magic. He cannot provide crops for his followers as he wants to or used to, which only makes his temper worse.

Like any proper Hawaiian king (or anything higher up), he wears a feather cloak. Clinging onto his cloak is Johnny Machiavelli, an Italian-American mob boss from New York seeking to become Hawaii's 'Scarface' and doing so with Kamapua'a's help. He has to fight the Chinese Triads and the Japanese Yakuza, along with local Hawaiian gangs. But having a gigantic boar god on your side tends to turn things to your favor. Especially if said boar god has an army of black magicians, goblins and other unsavory faeries.

Johnny is a thin and short man, but don't let size fool you. He has an ego larger than any mountain in the solar system. He takes pleasure in destruction, thievery and even in sexual harassment. He isn't afraid to take advantage of anyone (except for Kamapua'a), but will act and talk like he's your best friend. In other words, he's the love child of a sleazy, obnoxious car salesman and a simpering, annoying Uriah Heap.

Yet he knows of the war between Kamapua'a and Pele and he wants to benefit from the spoils as much as he can and become more powerful and important than any mafioso in the islands even if it means being a patsy at the present.
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