That Darn Ugallu v1.0 Picture

I was sitting in my Near East Arch. class the other day looking at an Assyrian relief of an ugallu (Mesopotamian demon with head of a lion, body of a human, feet of a bird, and ears of a donkey) and the phrase "that darn ugallu" just popped into my head.

This is what I drew initially, in illustration of these parts of an old verse:

Geshtinanna spoke:
"My brother, do not tell me your dream.
Dumuzi, do not tell me such a dream.

The rushes which rise all about you,
The rushes which grow thick about you,
Are your demons, who will pursue and attack you....

Dumuzi said:
"My sister, tell no one my hiding place.
My friend, tell no one my hiding place.
I will hide in the grass.
I will hide among the small plants.
I will hide among the large plants.
I will hide in the ditches of Arali." ....

The ugallu surrounded Dumuzi.
They bound his hands; they bound his neck.
They beat the husband of Inanna.

I decided I wasn't satisfied, though, so I did another drawing without a background that I'll upload in a minute...I'm curious to know which is better.
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