Cosmo-Sapper Valkarie IMU Picture

Parts List:
1 VF-1
6 Dorsal Fast Pack Booster and Launcher
1 GU-11 (or other gunpod)
16 ARLEN Mk. 7 30mm Rapid fire Auto-Cannons (or other projectile or beam gun of appropriate size, availability typically results in a mix used)
Equipment for a SLMH to PC conversion
14 VF-1 Headlaser Mounts (those without Lasers, will usually substitute the EP-37)

As time went on the producers of the Broadside Armored Gaurdian Fighter (IMU) had their design improved upon with a knockoff by another group that had could turn out several serviceable VF-1s and a large cache of FAST-Pack add-ons, more than enough for the restored VF-1s. They had come to the conclusion that the leg mounted Fast packs was a serious inhibitor for a fully transformable VF-1 so they elected to not use them. They also retained the inner dorsal launchers' booster sections (this increases the length in fighter and gaurdian mode) for added thrust. Otherwise the Advanced Broadside dorsal section was configured just like the regular broadside initially.

To supplement the loss of the FAST-Pack launchers on the legs, the technicians installed a quartet of extra beam cannons. They installed a VF-1 head laser turret on the outside of the intake, and another beam weapon in a fixed forward position inside the intake. Sometimes the VF-1 laser was not useable, so they would substitute other portable beam weapons (usually ASC Energy Rifles or EP-37s). In either case the weapons have an independent energy magazine that they change out to charge later.

This IMU team was all about one-upping an existing IMU team with a modified version of the original that was supposed to be better in every way (not that it was necessarily the actual case). So when they started to hear about the Sleipnir IMU using the Broadside's dorsal configuration with additional fire support, they elected to add even more guns to the ABV. On 10 of the 14 available sides of the dorsal pack (all 6) they installed another VF-1 type head laser turret (sometimes they had to use ASC ones that had more limited movement) basically identical to the intake guns (in setup).

Sleipnir IMU
Based on Image:
[link] ... 5nrxty.jpg

Parts List:
1 VF-1A/J/R/D/S (Guardian Mode)
1 set of Condor Legs and Pelvis (if using 1E's Vindicator VF-1V can substitute it, write up is by 2E)
1 set of VF-1 feet (not needed if VF-1V)
4 FAST-Pack Dorsal Boosters with Missile Launchers
2 FAST-Pack Dorsal Missile Launchers (no booster section)
2 VF-1J/D Head Lasers)
16 ARLEN Mk. 7 30mm Rapid fire Auto-Cannons (or other projectile or beam gun of appropriate size, availability typically results in a mix used)
Equipment for a SLMH to PC conversion

The Sleipnir* guardian IMU appeared during the Invid occupation of Earth in an attempt to restore a VF-1 that had been totaled in Guardian mode. Aside from the missing lower legs, the unit was fairly intact and serviceable. They could simply remove the arms and turn it into a conventional fighter, but they would still need to replace the main engines (of which they did not have any suitable candidates). The transformation system was also heavily damaged, so they couldn't simply switch it to battloid mode either. Lacking size compatible parts, the guardian sat in the back of the storage lot and occasionally played with (hoping to restore it to its former glory).

It was only with the influx of Condor Battloid parts that the IMU engineers saw a way to restore the guardian to a functional status. The legs where of similar size as the VF-1 making them a perfect fit. The new legs where not compatible with the remaining section of the original legs, but they did have a Condor pelvis to work work with. The Condor's leg and pelvis assembly was installed and integrated on the undercarriage of the VF-1. The original leg intakes of the VF-1 where given some new ducting to supply airflow to the Condor foot thrusters. For some reason the Battloid designers had installed a "slipper" over the foot that restricted performance, the IMU builders elected to remove the assembly and go with the proven VF-1 foot for optimum performance.

The Condor legs also provided the Sleipnir an extra 16 SRMs (or even more mini's, the 1E Vindicator provides 26 SRMs), in addition to the Valkarie's regular wing hardpoints, GU-11 gunpod, and head laser. The endurance of the unit was better than a stock VF-1 Guardian, but was found to still be lagging compared to newer designs. This did not hamper initial production of additional IMUs.

It was later, after the recovery of VF-1 Fast Pack hardware and information about the Broadside Armored Guardian that the IMU engineers where able to take the Sleipnir to the next level. The engineers adapted the B.A.G IMU's dorsal assembly of FAST-Pack boosters pretty closely. The only real difference between it and the B.A.G's was the addition of a pair of VF-1J (or D) style head lasers to the mix, mounting one on either side of the stack in the booster part to give the mecha the ability to target enemies in the mecha's weapon blind spots (mostly behind, but also above and to the sides to).

Performance improved (15% jump), but like the B.A.G, the boosters and airframe where subjected to additional stresses. Unlike the B.A.G though, the Sleipnir wasn't subjected to the same level of stress due to fewer engines and was more easily managed (same penalty as the B.A.G, but the time frame is increased to 15second intervals).

*I wanted to use a name connected to the Valkaries of mythology, specifically their mounts but could not find a proper name at Wikipedia or in a quick internet search, but I did find the name of Odin's mount, and have chosen to use it to refer to this IMU if anyone is interested where the name comes from.

Cosmo-Sapper Valkarie IMU
Based on Images:
[link] ... 5nuxdw.jpg
[link] ... 5nycm2.jpg
[link] ... 4qjif2.jpg

Notes here: In the second pic I am ignoring battloid depiction as it doesn't work in a couple of ways, the full Gaurdian won't have the under-wing FAST-Pack boosters as they don't fit with arms IMHO.

Parts List
1 VF-1
7 FAST-Pack Boosters
2 GU-11 Gunpod
6 VF-1 Head Lasers (A/D/J/R Style), 4 on boosters 2 on legs
1 Multi-Purpose "Crane Arm" Assembly (this can be a large arm from the Zentaedi Recovery Pod, some other vehicle, or an improvised build)

The Cosmo-Sapper Valkarie is a space only platform that had UEDF involvement from the get go as a combat engineering mecha to support Valkarie boarding actions to appear in late 2013. The Spiderbug EVA pod was not up to the task of support a Valkarie squadron in this role (slow and not combat ready), and neither where the available Destroids (and newer ASC hardware). Allied Zentaedi female power armor had the raw strength to do it, but was better used for other functions. All of this lead to the decision to create a Sapper variant of the Valkarie.

The initial configuration of the Sapper Valkarie was a regular VF-1D with the regular FAST-Packs mounted plus one extra dorsal booster mounted between the two regular dorsal boosters. The extra booster had the missile launcher removed and a "multi-purose manipulator arm" installed, the arm itself is carried externally, but some of the supporting hardware (power pack, avionics, etc) are carried in the launcher itself. Additionally the extra booster required bracing (due to available space, it is connected with the other dorsal bosters and not the Valkarie itself). A VF-1D was chosen for it's two seat characteristics, allowing a fully trained sapper to ride shotgun (later versions would switch to the A, with an adequately cross-trained sapper/valkarie pilot).

The multi-purose manipulator arm was one of the large arms salvaged from a Zentreadi Recovery Pod that was mounted on top of the extra booster. Later builds would use what ever they had on hand to create the arm. The arm is typically used in Fighter or Guardian modes, as that seems to be the easiest to work with. It is available in Battloid mode as a "tail", but (forward) reach is limited due to positioning.

The first trials went well relatively speaking, but they highlighted the need for the Valkarie to carry additional specialized equipment (tools, charges, etc). Externally mounting the hardware was possible, but would impose additional weight penalties on the Valkarie that would prevent it from keeping up with its regular cousins. This lead to the suggestion of replacing the missile launcher on the dorsal pack with a (disguised) cargo pod for this equipment. As this was done and the list of equipment to be carried finalized it was found that two launchers would not offer enough room, so a second set was co-joined to the first. Mecha was also modified to sport two belly hardpoints for a GU-11 (or escape capsules) on each, the second GU-11 carried has been modified to fire a smaller burst of explosive ammo (1/2 damage to a 40ft area for 3 rounds burst, payload carried is 1/2 for saftey reasons, range is also 1/2). A few have modifed the GU-11 to contain a single barrel 105mm demolition gun (see Masters Sb pg147).

The mecha was also modified to sport additional lasers for cutting duties (can still be used for combat) that are VF-1 head lasers (non-S model). A pair have been installed on the engine intakes outboard side, and another two on the top mounted FAST Packs. The Fast-Pack stations use a magaizine-charge system and are not directly powered by the Valkarie (essentially they operate like the beam weapons on many ASC mecha) to avoid placing to much strain on the power distribution system. In this configuration the Valkarie still retains full transformation capability.

Sometimes the situation calls for the Sapper to carry extra hardware (extra charges, tools, parts, etc). This hardware is carried in two more modified dorsal packs carried on the underwing that are basically identical to the extra outboard dorsal packs (cargo pod, cutting laser). This has the side effect of limiting the Valkarie to fighter and it's VTOL (1/2 Gaurdian) mode until they are ejected (which occurs automatically with transformation).

The Cosmo Sapper Valkarie served into the late 2020s before being retired as the cost of maintaining the unit became prohibitive (and some say political pressure). During this time only a small number are actually built, maybe 1 in 24 Valkaries in space are Sappers at the height of their numbers. The C.S.V did have a more combat focused version appear in even smaller numbers with the cargo-pods remaining missile launchers (modified to fire out one side only as the other is blocked with full payload available) and the arm equipped to be more of a "stinger" than a "hand" (by mounting a heavy cannon in place of the manipulator).
per Valkarie IMU
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