Windpale Picture

New OC introduction, I guess!
Species: Windpale(s) (alt. "Vêrfolne", norse-mythological creature)
(alt. "Vêrfolne", norse-mythological creature)
Apperance: Pastel coloured (plain) coat w/pale markings. Markings are individual for each windpale, and reflects in some way their personality in such way that other windpales can "read" their personality by looking at the markings.
Abilities: This creature can levitate, and can do this because it has no real physical presence, but is a spiritual being. It is never tired and rides the winds day and night, shy and peaceful creatures, stayes away from humans and noisy and populated places.
Name: Nahara (meaning light)
Personality: Peaceful, modest, kind and helping. Can be stubborn and less willing to be forgiving, slow in approache, does not easily trust, private, serious, dependant on others.

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