Sold this Picture

*edit* SOLD TO SPEAR ON FURC. Does not belong to me any longer*edit*

Say hello to my newest baby, Thrym... though I can't really say baby since he's sort of old. He's about 7 years old.

Anyways I now rp this guy down over in Yellowstone on Furc and I'm looking for a good place for him there. I'm rather open for plots, IE him being someones lost father or something. I'll be typing up some plot ideas in a journal till I get his site made.

A bit of history on the name Thrym:
In Norse mythology, Thrym was king of the Jotnar (Ice Giants). At one point he stole Thor's hammar, Mjollnir and asked for Freyja as his was in return for the hammer back but he got tricked.

Yes I ADORE Norse mythology <3

Anyways I'll be at my friends house on his crappy old computer till I get my laptop.

Done in GIMP.
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