CGS- Sailor Somniorum Picture

Senshi Name: Sailor Somniorum (Sailor Orum for short)
Civilian Name: Tutu Titheos
Age: Appears 18, Actually 135.
Ht: 5'7ft
Wt: 145lbs
Realm of Influence: Dreams, Nightmares, Ambitions
Weapon/Items: Somniorum Shield
City: Lacus Somniorum

Attack 1: (comming soon)
Attack 2:
Attack 3:


Tutu's personality is pretty straight-forward. She is very responsible and has an almost no-nonsense personality. She doesn't enjoy doing frivolous things or making small talk. She's a direct-to-the-point type of person. She loathes slackers that have no dreams or ambitions of their own, which is a source of irony in a way.

Aside from that, Tutu generally is the silent type that enjoys solitude and silence. The only other person she can deal with is with her younger sister and Demona, her companion. She also enjoys singing to herself when no one is around. Amusingly, she can make jokes and pull pranks- but only if they have a point and lesson to them.


Born to the then reigning Princess, Princess Chinasa, Tutu was raised to take after her mother and eventually take over as leader of Lacus Somniorum. Her childhood was more or less happy with some strict rules that she must follow. Even so, Tutu used to dream of going to other places and entire new worlds when she was young. She read extensively about what it would be like to live in such far off lands and to explore their worlds.

Such dreams, however, came to a crashing halt when her sister Abioye was born. Her mother died in childbirth, leaving a young Tutu to become the next Princess. Unfortunately, it was also around the time that Tutu discovered her powers as a senshi, and felt she could not be both a senshi and the princess at the same time. So she abdicated to her little sister who would assume full control of the title when she was old enough. Int he meantime, the Advisor, Lord Malefic, was in charge of her care.

From there, Tutu went out and trained, fighting against the Bandits as well as the common criminal element of her city. It wasn't until later, when she was around thirty-five, that she ran into Demona. At first she had mistaken the strange creature to be a demon that needed to be killed, but then she realized that there was something rather special about Demona as she wasn't like the others that have plagued cities before.

Against her better judgement, she allowed Demona to live and to become her companion.

For years afterwarlds, Tutu and Demona travelled Lacus Somniorum until the day that Tutu recieved word that her sister had gone missing. Rushing back, Tutu assumed control of the palace which had gone mad in the sudden loss of the Princess. Temporarily assuming control for now, Tutu balances her duties as Princess and a senshi while still looking for clues as to what could possibly have happened to her sister.


Princess Abioye/Younger sister *Missing*
Lord and Lady Cynesige/ Uncle and Aunt
Lady Nicelle / Cousin

Partner/Animal helper:

Demona, said to look like a hideous beast though no one's ever really seen her.

Misc: Tutu has a companion, but no one save her and the other Somni senshi can see it at the moment. However it can make itself visible to the public and is said to be a strange fearsome creature of nightmares.

Tutu has a sphinx carved on her inner thigh.

city questions:

-how many people are in your city?

Lacus Somniorum has about 2.5million people and growing still.

- what is the economy like?

Moderate to very prosperous. Many people come to this place to find jobs there.

- what is the dominant class? (merchants, farmers, nobles?)

The Dominating class is, surprisingly aside from the nobles, the Guilds. There are a lot of guilds, but the main ones are: Pegasus, FairyDust, Dragons, Sirens, and Celestials.

Each Guild has a specific function in the city.

- is there a body of water that runs through your city? **

Coming soon.

-what are some of the large buildings?

Aside fro the Main Guilds, there's three other buildings that are in the city. The main one being a palace where the royal family of Lacus Somniorum live. It's called the Palace of Dreams.

There's also a fortress, though no one knows quite why, but it's been converted into a monastary. It's now called "The Somniorum Sancity" where the Sisters of Sancity reside.

Finally, there's one of the largest prisons of Lacus Somniorum. Or rather, above it looks like a nice manor, but inside all prisoners go below, where there's an extensive underground network of cells and medical facillities.

This place is called The Oubilette.
It is said that once you go there, you never come back.

-what is the mayors name?
Lacus Somniorum is a Princess-dom. So the person that leads the city is one of the royal family members. It was originally Princess Abioye Tithoes. However, due to recent and unforeseen events, Abioye has gone missing and the leadership role falls to the older sister, Tutu.

-are there any people your Senshi interacts with a lot?
Way too many to list, but suffice to say she interacts most with her advisors, her companion, and family.

-where does your Senshi live?

Originally, Tutu was a wanderer, since she constantly patrols the borders of her city. However because of recent events, she's relocated to the Palace of Dreams for the time being.

-are there any other things you think we should know?

Lacus Somniorum is known as being the place where dreams can come true. No matter what your dreams are, there's a place for you in this city.

There's a slight mixed feelings about the people that live in Palus Somni. However, for the most part, they welcome back any that make it pass the mountains to their city. Though there is a feeling that many view the citizens of Palus Somni as traitors and that they shouldn't be trusted.

This is due to the rift that was caused long ago by the first Sailor Somniorum and Sailor Somni. Though what this rift was about has been lost to many. It is said that the Sisters of Sancity may know the truth behind it, but are under a vow of silence to ever speak such a thing.

There's rumored to be a gate beneath the Palace of Dreams, that may be the reason why the palace was built there in the first place. Some say that the Gate leads to a mythical land- a Paradise, though no one knows for certain. Only the Princess knows.

Now for the Connections here:

Tutu Tithoes- Tutu is the name of an Egyptian god, Tithoes is the god's name translated into greek. The god is said to be a warrior that battles any and all demons sent out by other goddesses and was later known to be one that defends sleepers from nightmares and misfortune. His symbol is that of a sphinx.

Somniorum/character/all that original stuff- Mine
City-guardian-senshi belongs to
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