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Name: Violetta Soranno
Nicknames: ViVee (Her aunts and uncles mainly) Fish Foot(her father teases her) Monkey paw(She made a comment about her feet to Umehito and it stuck, after him constantly asking if it was okay to call her that of course and because of the story from W.W. Jacobs.)(I hope this doesn’t make it stupid oh god-)
Age: 17
Nationality: Sicilian
Status: Rich
Class: 3-b
Looks: Violetta is 167.5 cm and 63kg . She has a curvy frame with some muscle tone, she goes to the gym a few days and does light work around her house, not wanting to be a "Grassa Gallina(Fat Hen)". Her hair is very curly, coming down to just a bit past her rib cage in a mix of loose and tight curls. Since she thinks it’s rather boring to wear the same style for the rest of her life, her hairstyle always differentiates, at school it is put up into updos, and more elegant styles, but at home or in public she goes the crazier the better. Her skin is an olive tone natural tan, which, with the cream/yellow outfit makes her look darker, She has a light dusting of freckles across her cheeks, and some freckles here and there from being out in the sun a lot. Her eyes are a dark brown, a roundish-almond shape, with long lashes. She does have her ears pierced, and she has her belly button pierced, she usually wears just a simple ball so it is covered by the school uniform. It usually only shows if she is in her bikini, or a collection of her clothing for summer. She rags on her feet a lot, able to spread her toes widely and pick things up with them easily, she says she has monkey feet.

Personality: A rather confident and opinionated young lady, she is very passionate about what she says and believes everyone is of extraordinary beauty in their own way. Though, she gets called out for always yelling and mad at someone. She is just naturally expressive and loud. Going to any extent to express her opinions, she uses a lot of hand gestures and sometimes made up words, or will go back to her native language. Sometimes she seems oblivious to the situation, having a hard time in large crowds getting used to speaking Japanese, especially when more than one person is talking. In public she translates for her Mother, going as far as mocking her hand movements and expressions but quickly adding her opinion in. She does her best to make friends, but since her father's business stems from poverty she does get rather annoyed when people flaunt their riches and act snobbish to people less fortunate. Though as a child she was taught to love all she had, and know the value of a single dollar, and can understand most wealthy children weren't, so to a point she is passive about the situation. She likes to crack jokes a lot, and sometimes ends up in trouble for talking in class. Her accent is rather thick; along with talking fast she gets told to slow down a lot but friends, and teachers. To new people she is kind, and doesn't base anything on looks. Back home (Sicily) she had friends of all variety, "personality outshines all" is a value she holds close. Violetta is also a bit goofy, she tries to make everyone smile, and gets rather antsy during serious times, which results in angered looks from her father. Causing her to slouch back and mumble. Her thoughts and reasons she has behind actions she takes, are almost whimsical due to how odd and long they are. She could talk about anything for hours, which makes her a fairly good story teller.

Interests/Likes: Violetta is a woman of many interests. One of the main ones is watching old movies. She loves Greek mythology, Astrology, and even has the guilty pleasure of having a fondness for the occult, though that's kept to her, or someone she knows shares her similar interest. She could spend hours and nights reading countless books on each subject, and in Sicily, and her new house in Japan, sometimes she would stay up and lie on her roof, watching the stars, trying to see if she could find constellations.
She loves to swim, her father has even called her fish foot before, because of how pruney she got from being in the water too long.
She absolutely loves being outside, ever since she was young, her favorite part are animals and insects, she would love to catch moths and let them crawl up and down her arm as she talked to them, and she loved it when pill bugs would scuttle across her feet, hearing birds and squirrels, she loved every moment, other than a few cactus incidents, anytime her mother would go to kill a spider she'd try to save it, and if she was too late she'd give it a 'proper burial'(she was only a child and felt it was right) she would constantly bring home animals, dogs, cats, birds, donkeys, chickens, nonvenomous snakes, goats, a pony. Anything that looked in need, or starving, or just lonely she would bring it to her house, stand on her porch with a wide smile and always ask "Can I keep it?" Of course she'd have her father wrapped around her finger enough where he would say yes, but her mother, wanting her child to learn discipline said no, but they soon came to an agreement Violetta could take care of it, and when the animal was well could go to a nearby farm where she could visit.
She loves horror stories, and hearing about ghosts and hauntings, when she was 8 she went to a nearby cemetery and tried to do a séance. A stick cracked and she ran as fast as she could back home, up the stairs, and under her covers hugging Bernardo who to her has always been her protector from anything bad.

Dislikes: She finds herself hating chocolate the more she tries to like it, she always is ready to try it, but once she does, she ends up spitting it out or getting a stomach ache. If someone gives her chocolate she'll try to politely turn it away, but then feel guilty and accept it. When people are picky eaters, it annoys her more than it should but anytime someone acts like that she'll talk about they should be lucky they have food at all because some people are less fortunate. The sound of something scratching cardboard, of when a nail file is being used. The sounds can actually put her in a bad mood, or even stop talking to the person for a few hours that caused the sound. Over Possessiveness, this goes for the fangirls, that take it to a whole different level. She understands squealing and awwing, but when it gets to the point where they have cat fights on who's going to marry who. She'll either bust out laughing due to how idiotic the arguments sound, or she'll make a slightly snide comment. Any authority figure, she has a slight disgruntled feeling towards. Mostly policemen, but she does have a few teachers of her past she isn't too fond of either. Her brother has had rotten luck with police, and she can see how shady and underhanded some of them are. Which causes her to question, if you can't follow the rules that you instated, why should I?

Fears: She is terrified of gory movies, she likes horror movies, but if there's a lot of blood severed limbs, she can't watch them if she does she'll end up staying up for days, and be jumpy. Though she has interest in the occult she would be horrified if she saw something like a demon. When she was little she was terrified of really wrinkled old people, but as she's grown and was taught appearances don't matter she's slightly gotten over the fear, but she still gets nervous around them. Whatever could be under her feet that could drag her. She will take large leaps to her bed so nothing will reach out, and she folds her feet on the chair as much as she can. In public where she has to be mannerly she will lift her feet up under the table or just keep looking down and checking. Even though it hasn't happened yet her mind will replay a scene of a car bomb going off when her father starts the car, thinking of her whole family being burned alive puts her on edge.

Bio: She was born, and for the most part raised in, Palermo, Sicily, Italy. To a family of the mafia, or cosa nostra. She has an older brother Named Giovanni who, of course will take over her father's role as the mob boss. Her father tried shielding it from her as much as he could, but of course between the gossipers and the newspapers it didn’t take long for her to put pieces together. Murder and Racketeering charges were pressed against him, but were dropped after a few shady deals between lawyers and the judge. Of course being a daddy’s girl she wanted to help him, and with thinking she secretly work in a Casino to try and catch people cheating. Pretending to be a floor man’s daughter, he simply couldn’t find a sitter floor, and since her father owned the casino, rules were able to be bent. After she caught somebody she'd tell the man pretending to be her father and he'd take him away. Being a curious child, once she followed and peeked in the back room to see what they did, but was in a state of utter shock and terror seeing them cut the man's hand off with a table saw. Telling her father, she ended up getting punished instead of praised. Reason being, ratting, or tell on anyone no matter how harsh, was strictly against the family. As she grew up she received countless nightmares from it. But not wanting to get in trouble by her father she pushed them back resulting in minor stress and anxiety attacks, lip biting, and chronic migraines.
Her father and brother made a proposition to the boss of all bosses, to maybe expand their business with other organized crime in different countries. Starting from the top they wanted to connect with the Yakuza. Now 13, she accompanied her father and brother to frequent visits to Japan, where she met Ritsu. Their families are close, but they however are not. He goes his way, she goes hers, they have had small conversations about family related affairs, and that has usually been the result of her father and his urging them to talk. At school she leaves him alone, not wanting to be a bur in any life he may have. It really never got to her that she was alone.
Love interest: Nekozawa

- Haruhi: One of her friends urged her to go to the Host club if she loved romance so much, she got set with Haruhi and laughed saying she felt like “one of those gross cougars from American tv” due to how she was at her last school year, and “he” was a freshman. When Violetta found out Kasanoda liked “him” she didn’t know how to act, due to being taught homosexuality was wrong, but then again not to judge, she just patted his shoulder, especially since she rarely talked and knew Ritsu in the first place, and inched away if he got too dramatic. Violetta found out Haruhi was a girl when she invited “him” over for a hangout and they got into a water fight.

-Tamaki: She met Tamaki the same day she met Haruhi, and as Tamaki did with every woman in the school, he flirted with her. She tried to keep her distance from him, going as far as calling him a creeper. Though when he's not flaunting his gentleman and flirtatiousness Violetta thinks he is an all around nice guy. Though she'd never like him, to her she thinks of him as just..a really...flamboyant...guy. But it does irk her how he thinks Nekozawa is going to curse him, or curse anybody for that matter.

-The Twins: Despite constant efforts she is rarely able to tell the two apart.(When she does its based solely on luck and keeping track of the part in their hair). She has been victim of a few pranks from them, getting her cosmetic bag taken away, resulting in frizzy hair she had to manage with a hair tie. And getting tripped and falling straight into Nekozawa. She gets a bit, well a lot weirded out by their "brotherly love" act, and if it gets too bad will get up and leave. Her views on homosexuality are a bit confused, because one she doesn't think about it a lot, but yet at a young age told it was wrong, and three because she was also told not to judge.

Kyoya: She has rarely spoken to Kyoya and when she has it has usually been a debate. Which, in the long run she loses receiving the "Hint to his family's police force" card. Violetta's thoughts on him are rather negative. Wishing she could burn some of the information he had on her family for fear of her family getting turned in. Though she'll try her best and act friendly to him as the saying goes "Keep friends close but enemies closer." As she learned of his family life she oddly gained a bit of respect for him, to an extent knowing how it feels to be overshadowed by a sibling, but not completely since her father would of course treat her like a princess.

-Nekozawa: She considers him as her best friend; though meeting him was rather awkward. She saw him in a dark corner, thought he was a ghost and literally pounced on him. Noticin he was an actual student she apologized repeatedly. Then started to ramble on confusing him and her also, before she laughed it off, and backed away. The next time she noticed Beelzenef on the ground and picked it up wondering where she had seen it before. When he appeared behind her she was startled at first but happily gave him back the "cursed" doll and sparked up a conversation with him. Doing her best to slow her speech down. Once she had heard he was into the occult she was very interested, would ask questions, share her thoughts, and if she was bored of the host club, she'd go to the black magic room and talk to him. Though has a habit of calling him careno/cute. Even patting or pinching his cheek and awwing.

Honey and Mori: They talk rarely and she'll sometimes take a nap Or as she says Riposo with Honey. They'll eat cake together, and talk. And she'll try to embarrass Mori by asking cheesy questions, but usually receives grunts and "hmphs" in return.

Giovanni Jr.(Her Brother): They have a typical brother sister relationship, constantly arguing, play wrestling, sometimes playing video games which she royally sucks at. They still love each other and would do anything for each other to the point Violetta has lent him money to go do...whatever, and never spoke a word to her parents, but of course would always get paid double what she gave him. They crack jokes at each other’s expense, and anything that can lead up to an argument or them fighting before her mother stops it.

Giovanni Sr(her father): She is daddy's little girl. Anything she wants in life all she would have to do is give her father one look and it was done. And really only looks like a feminine version of her father with her aunt's nose. Having little to no resemblance at all to her mother. He is gone most of the time she is awake, and as a child would stay up to just see him before she went to sleep and hug him and was glad he was safe. As she grew older though, and the more she found out about her father, the more her thoughts on him were strained. She knows he has cheated on her mother countless times, and looking back she would remember smelling a woman’s perfume. For a while she tried to suppress the fact, but it gets harder for her, but when they are able to spend nights watching movies and eating junk food she loves her father all over again.

Abelie(her mother): Her and her mother are very close, her mother insists that she learns discipline, and the essentials to being a "Good housewife." They sometimes have arguments, and have days where they can't even stand each other, but almost as quick as a snap of the finger they'll be back as close friends. Violetta sometimes thinks of her mother as an older sister, because if her mother is there and her father isn't they'll watch comedies, or with her choice scary, and eat junk food. Her mother is a shopaholic though an is usually gone buying things or just gone without taking Violetta thinking she’d rather have better things she would want to do.

-She goes to the host club regularly. Not to swoon over boys, but just to talk and joke around with them not having any overwhelming attraction to any of them.
-She has a Cane Corso named Bernardo, and a tuxedo cat named penguino.
-Her casual clothes are usually dresses, much more flowy and simple compared to the uniform, like eyelet dresses, or she will wear really anything she thinks looks good, she doesn't really have a certain style, sometimes she'll wear jeans. Or skirts, crop tops, or baggy t's, strapless shirts, blouses. Anything. But of course she gets a fur coat from her Nonno every winter. And absolutely loves each one.
- She’s used to being alone and making up her own fun, the silence gets to her sometimes, but when the Kasanoda’s sent over maids to clean up their mansion, she would befriend them and even help them, talking to them for hours and making them lunch or dinner.
-She has a somewhat creative imagination, and has even come up with stories regarding if planets were personified and what they would do, but she really could never do better than her favorite story, about the sun and the moon.
- Her birthday is May 30th
- Her favorite color is dark purple
- Her favorite flowers are Spiderlillies, but she also likes Violets, that being the flower her nonno would always give to her when she was little, with a little teasing joke she was going to turn as purple as a violet due to her name.
- Her favorite stone is a sapphire
- She loves rainstorms where she puts on an older dress or any old outfit and runs around in it with her dog. Getting sick on multiple occasions but always coughing out an 'It was worth it.'
- Due to her love for animals she wants to become a veterinarian, but her father would prefer her to either be a lawyer or doctor for the family.
-She is in the drama club at school, she really didn't intend to be in it but when one of her friends wanted to join she tagged along and auditioned just for the sake of it and surprising to her got in, but she's dangling to be thrown out due to the fact she usually misses meetings.

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