The Idol of Ceres Picture

This will make absolutely no sense without an explanation.

This would be the straw doll who inhabits the Latin room at my school. We have absolutely no idea where she comes from, or what she was intended to be, but I've decided she's an idol of Ceres, the Roman goddess of the fields. Since she's made of straw (wheat, grain, field crops) and in the Latin room. All we know is that she was left in the room by Dr. Jones's predecessor...

She has been the subject of many antics. Leigh Ann kidnapped her once. She sacrificed a Pez dispenser to the Golden Apple (another artifact in the room) last year. She was hanged from a pull-down map by a string of pom-pom ribbons stuck to packing tape at one point. (With "YOU COULD BE NEXT" written on the board next to her) And much more.

She scares some people.

I thought Portraits was the best place to put her. She certainly has personality. She's fun.
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