Pucchi as Dionysos again Picture

Well, this was more or less —more like more than less— drawn to illustrate something I just realized today.
Why do the Dionysos suit and role suit Pulcinella so well? I guess I kinda figured out. There actually may be several reasons. The first one being that they're both linked by the world of theater. Dionysos's cult actually originally inspired the whole theater paradigm, and Pulcinella's plainly a drama character. XD Also, they both look pretty sexless, or androgynous, or however you say it. Also, they're both behaving in a mix of humanity and animality —Dionysos being basically humanxgoat, while Pulcinella's humanxlittle bird, somehow. Also, they're both half-insane or something close to that, some insanity that they've learnt to accept and live with. That's what the dionysiac madness is supposed to be all about in some way, in the first place. Also... Gosh, they simply ARE so much alike, anyway, and I hadn't even realized it before! XD

If I ever need to draw Dionysos for any impossible project, I'm definitly using Pulcinella as physical looks for him. XD I sure doubt this whole deviation and description would interest anyone —except
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