Labour One The Lion Picture

I was not sure where to place this I want to place it in literature as that is its basis and not a traditional art piece but cant find a suitable place. This is one of several that I created for my final project at college. I originally wanted to do all twelve labours of Heracles but each piece is a2 and I had an a2 collage for each piece showing the event, therefore for time limitations I did six (24 a2 pieces is extreme in this context). The calligraphy is done with a paintbrush and Indian ink. the border again is Indian ink. The decorations are pens and leaf skeletons. THE ACTUAL WRITTEN CONTEXT I HAVE TAKEN FROM THE LEGEND OF HERACLES AND REWRITTEN THE SENTENCE(S) TO FIT TO THE SPECIFICATIONS OF THE PIECE. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CRITIC ON THE ILLUMINATION, CALLIGRAPHY, STRUCTURE OF THE SENTENCE ETC, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER THIS I HAVE TAKEN FROM THE ORGINS OF THE MYThOLOGY. IF ANYONE KNOWS A BETTER DEVIATION COLLECTION INSIDE OF LITERTURE PIECES I CAN PLACE THIS PLEASE LET ME KNOW THANK YOU.
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