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Alright, here is my first reference for Lykori. And he's not even in his Demigod Appearance! Go figure XD Before I get into detail, let me just say: HE IS NOT A KNOCKOFF OF LOKI FROM THE AVENGERS/THOR MOVIES! He IS based off of Loki in many aspects, but not the movie version. This is more or less my personal image of Loki from Norse mythology. But even given that, he's not entirely the same as Loki, hence the different name. -
Name: Lykori
Alt names: Lykori the Trickster, Demi, Half-Blood, Silvertongue (the latter three are more like Slurs to him)
Gender: Male
Age: 2035
Species: Demigod/Kirin
Family: Sythik (Brother), Modric (Father)
Skills: deceit, lying, sleight-of-hand, sorcery
Height: 5'9'' ----

Lykori was the illegitimate result of an affair between Modric (the king of the gods) and a human woman, who is yet to be discovered, Leaving the child to be the only half-human demigod in Aladova (Demigod typically reffering to the lesser gods in the realm). This earned him a lot of negative attention from everybody since birth. On top of that, it would soon be discovered that he was to be the god of Mischief (ironic, given the reason for his birth) which would forever remind everyone and Modric himself of his disloyalty to his wife, Mallasie. He was raised beside his elder brother, Sythik, a typical and cool-headed demigod, but he was constantly put in the shadow of his brother. Lykori was often abused both physically and mentally, especially by his father and step-mother, on account of his frowned-upon habit of getting into trouble and usually lying through his teeth to get out of it. This usually got innocent people in trouble for something he did himself, and consequently he began to receive negative attention from everyone. The only person who ever showed any true affection for him was Sythik and his love-interest Maybella (a sorceress and his mentor), that is until he totally screwed up his relationship with Maybella who left him shortly after. As Lykori and his brother grew, so did Lykori's trouble-making ways as well as a major inferiority complex that was worsened around the other gods and demigods. With reason, too. When he was old enough to join the council of Aladova with his father and brother, he was refused a place beside them. Lykori was left trying to prove himself worthy enough to be beside them.

He found a chance when winter came around and seemed to be the coldest winter they had ever experienced. Deciding to solve the matter himself, Lykori disregarded the Divine Rules laid down by the Greater Gods and entered one of the forbidden territories surrounding them. That's where he had found something strangely foreign to Aladova yet it seemed to be the answer to their problems: fire. Using his cunning skills, he managed to swipe some from the territory and bring it back to Aladova, which seemed to please everybody except Modric.

Unfortunately the act had not gone unnoticed by those Lykori had stolen from, and they approached the border ready for an attack. When questioned, Lykori denied ever having set foot in their territory, much less stealing anything. Sythik was the one to reveal the truth, announcing that he had seen Lykori returning with the fire the day he had stolen it.

This plunged the city into a horrific battle which left many dead or wounded, and got Lykori sentenced to life in prison, visited occassionally by Sythik. This is where Issue 1 of 'Honest Deceit' picks up. ----
Alright, after that 'brief' summary, Lykori does not look his age, as one may expect. He actually looks about 25. The Aladovan gods don't age much, and Lykori retains more divine qualities than human qualities.

They can only stay in their demigod appearances (anthro) in realms that allow it. This does not include the Realm of Man (earth), so when they are in said realm, they can only take the shape of those that are adapted to the Realm. In Earth's case, Feral or Human. (See pic) Lykori, like a handful of others, has the ability to use sorcery, Although most of his tricks fail to use magic at all and are merely sleight-of-hand techniques, similar to the way human magic tricks work. However, he does occassionally use his magic abilities. But it always comes with a cost. Every time he uses it, he has to pay for it on one way or another, usually with a headache or a bloody nose or something along those lines.
Oh, and he's insanely sarcastic.

Favorites: He prefers Autumn above all seasons, due to the fact that "things are beginning to change. The old dies out only to bring in the new. Much like how the past moves into The future." He loves fire. (Gee, I wonder why) He is fascinated by snakes.

Personality reference songs and videos: - Fastest Girl in Town [link] (this may be about a girl, but it gets his mischievousness down to a T) "My reputation follows me around, just makes me wanna give em more to talk about." "If he pulls us over, I'll turn on the charm. You'll be in the slammer and ill be on his arm."

- 50 ways to say Goodbye [link] (because this is typically how things turn out for him XD) "help me, help me! I'm all out of lies and ways to say you died!"

- sweet Sacrifice [link] (kinda how he views the world...)

-homeboy [link] (this is EXACTLY the relationship between Lykori and Sythik. Through Sythiks point of view, of course.)

"Everybody loved Sythik. Everything was about Sythik. Always Sythik. Nobody cared that he had a brother. I-I couldn't sing.... And.. I couldn't dance... I wasn't stunningly perfect like him.... B-but it was my birthday. And nobody even knew that..." -Lykori. (Modified quote from Tower of Terror)
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