And a Phoenix Appeared Picture


Dedicado a mi amigo
Bueno, mientras hacía este dibujo, me inspiré para escribir esta pequeña historia, donde se narra el encuentro de un chico con un fénix. Lamentablemente, lo pensé en inglés

Dedicated to my friend

Well, while I was doing this pic, inspiration hits me and I started writing this short-story, which talks about a boy that meets a
phoenix. You’re lucky, since I wrote it in English and not in Spanish

And a Phoenix Appeared…

Walking and walking without a destiny, below the full moon in a cold and dark night, all by myself, just me and my shadow. I am hungry and lost, but I don’t mind, I just keep walking, waiting for a signal to arrive and tell me what I’m looking for. Far, I see a red-orange light, and I start running to it. I don’t know why I am running, is just a light, but I keep running without stop. Strangely, my heart pumps like crazy. The light fades, but I don’t stop. I arrive to an open place, and there, in the middle of nothing, was a little mountain of ashes. I go and kneel to look at it. The top of the ashes moves a little, I watch carefully and a fat, little and ugly worm pops from there. I look at it curiously, and the worm just keeps moving through the ashes. My stomach grumbles, I look the worm again, I have heard that worms can be nutritious. I move my hand towards the worm but I stop, “That worm is trying to survive, to live… Is just another living thing like me…” I move my hand back and sit down in the soil. I watch the worm, it keeps moving in the ashes. I don’t stop looking at the worm the whole night: I take care of it, I defend it from the other animals; I don’t know why I am doing this, but I just want to see it alive. The morning’s sunrays start appearing and caress my face and the whole worm, which hasn’t stop moving in all night. How silly I have to see looking at a insignificant worm, people might think, but… I feel this worm special. Suddenly, it stops moving, worried, I move it, trying to scare it and that moves, but nothing. I stand up and I look at its body. I close my eyes, sad. Then, a bright red-oranges glow makes me to open my eyes and… A majestic, brilliant and shining phoenix appeared before me! It flies there, looking at me.

“Thanks for taking care of me the whole night.” It says. “From now I will take care of you, I will help you in anything that I can, just call me when you need me. Shall you give me a name?”

I look at it, speechless. I feel its warming, comforting and reliable aura. Now that I think about it, phoenixes represent the renovation, the power of stand up and continue walking after falling; they also represent harmony, peace, calm, spirituality, company and fidelity… At least that is what they represent for me. I keep looking at the phoenix and I get out of my speechless state and look at it. “Fedwing … can you take me home?”

The phoenix looks at me and goes down to the soil. “Fedwing my name will be. Come and sit down in my back, Erick. I will take you home.”

I rise myself to Fedwing’s back, it is very warm… Fedwing is my phoenix… my guardian… my friend… That appeared to give me hope when everything gets bad… and to tell me that everything will be okay… Thanks, Fedwing…

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