Yazidi Agoraphobia Picture

My very first painting. I drew this back in maybe 2010 or 2011, after having smoked copious amounts of the Tolkien, sitting in front of an existentialism class some afternoon shortly after lunch time at the university. I'm slowly learning how pencil translates into paint and how pencil is much more forgiving... even welcoming, to asymmetry. Not the case with paint I began to notice. As I drew this I never imagined it with colors, I just wanted to remember a "feeling" and I drew this type of angel with wings behind her head. I called her Weeyerd Angel for a while. Someone special to me had placed a small primer on angel based mythology atop my unfinished canvas one afternoon, and the thing sort of came to life from there, with uneven elements. The angel ornaments in the backdrop and the peacock feathered wings were inspired by pictures a man names Peter Lamborn Wilson chose to express angel mythology. The piece has grown in my mind to be called Yazidi Agoraphobia, until something better comes to me.
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