Tlaloc 001 Picture

This is another concept that I'd been playing around with in my head for a long time.
One of Marvel Comic's most successful superhero is Thor: the literal god of thunder from Norse mythology. The interesting thing is that Marvel also has god characters from other mythologies such as Hercules and Aries from Greek mythology. They are competing mythologies with vastly differing continuities that contradict one another, yet no one cares because they like the stories. Now, Norse mythology is pretty well-known, at least vaguely, in the public eye. However, I could make the argument that the reason people are so familiar with the myths today is because of the success of the Thor comics.
My question is: why stop there? There are so many other cool mythologies that the comics could explore, yet they confine themselves only to the popular ones. So I picked another mythology at random and found a god that I thought would be a good subject for a super hero.

This is Tlaloc, the Aztec god of rain, fertility, and water. During the time of the Aztecs, was worshiped for his blessed rain and feared for his mighty storms. With his healing water he blessed his people with fertile land virile men. When the Spanish invaded, Tlaloc withdrew from the affairs of man. He was not a god of war, so he remained in his heavenly domain of Tlalocan and eventually fell asleep. The years of man passed by in but a single breath and when Tlaloc was awoken again the Earth had become a different place. Tlaloc was awoken with a start. Tlalocan had been ransacked. His wife, Chalchiuhtlicue, was kidnapped and all the souls in his care were stolen.
Enraged, Tlaloc scoured his domain and interrogated the toads, the snakes, and the crocodiles asking who was responsible. They told him it was Xelhua the giant who had done the crime. Long ago Tlaloc has cursed him for trying to become a god and now Xelhua was seeking revenge. Using trained dog-like monsters called ahuizotl, he had emptied Tlalocan of it's residence and hidden them on Earth. To rescue the souls and find his wife again, Tlaloc had to return to the walking world of man again. But Earth had changed so much during the time Tlaloc slept that it seemed alien to him now. So he found the one remaining soul in his realm, a man of modern times named Donnie Gallardo who had died two years ago, and sent him back to the living world again. Donnie would become Tlaloc's avatar on Earth, teaching him the ways of his people. In return Donnie would become Tlaloc's body on Earth; granting him power to find his lost souls and wife again, and returning them to Heaven.

---When he is not needed, Tlaloc recedes and Donnie Gallerdo assumes control. Tlaloc is always ever in Donnie's ear, however. Learning of the new modern world through his eyes. Donnie can summon the form of Tlaloc at any time, but relinquishes control of his body to his god.
---Tlaloc has domain over the element of water and can summon it from the earth and air.
---The weather responds to his will and heals him if Gallardo's body gets damaged.
---Tlaloc can traverse at will between Earth and Tlalocan using the Apan River that flows through his domain and connects to every body of water on Earth.
---Tlaloc carries a weapon with him forged from a serpent. He may turn it into a thunder bolt at will and throw it at his enemies, or shape it into a club for close combat. When not in use the serpent sinks into his right arm as a tattoo.
---He can fly in the rain and possesses the strength of a god, but Tlaloc is at his strongest at night or in the water.
---Tlaloc is part crocodile and when he becomes truly angry, the animal side of him shows through.
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