FlightDesigns Matryoshka Picture

I got this idea from my wonderful dragon, *Dragon-Doodles, and I have permission to borrow his idea to create my own 'Russian Nesting Dolls'. While he had five dolls for his artwork, I have seven because I have more things in my "center".

Starting from the right I have:
7 - Horse riding/Archery: These activities are something that I love to do, and I feel like myself when I can zone out of the world and into my own little world that revolves around the horse or my arrows. Martial arts such as Karate and Tae-kwon-do are also apart of this, but I was unable to fit them into the doll too.

6 - Artworks: The reason why I have put this at number 6 is that it is something that I want to do for a living, but the money aspect is barely getting off the ground. And it also causes me some stress, so I have put it down as second to last until it picks up some more.

5 - Fiction: I have a love for reading fictional stories, and even writing my own stories when I have nothing new to read. People always tell me to find Ebooks to download if I want new things to read, but I had been won over by paperbacks years ago, and I cannot get over the feel of paper pages between my fingers. I have also had times where I feel like my life is rather dull and boring, so reading gives me an escape into a more exciting world to loose myself in.

4 - Spirituality: I follow a hybrid 'religion' of my own creation that blends together elements of Wicca, Norse Paganism, Satanism and Chinese philosophy and mythology. I meditate for hours and believe that there is energies in the world that cannot be explained. I also write much of my own information for my own "Book of Shadows", and I try to get my hands on any reference books regarding Spirituality, Gemstones, Herbal lore and other topics that are relevant to my paganism. It was very hard to create this artistically, so I used a "magic orb" to sort of represent the 'mystery' that both spirituality, nature and even the universe can possess.

3 - Cooking: My creative flare not only limits itself to my artworks and writing, but also in cooking. I love working with food and creating my own recipes, even adapting recipes that I find by feel could be better, so I try to bring them to their fullest potential. There is nothing better than seeing the satisfied smiles on the faces of people that I cook for.

2 - Love and Trust: These are things that are highly important to me. The two orbs are carefully balanced atop on each other or on finger tips to symbolize how easily hearts and trust can be toppled and broken, so they are something to keep precious and I found out the hard way that you have to be very careful about who you trust completely. There are really only three people that I care about and trust completely.
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