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Augh, AUGH, this strip, it started out great, and… it died early, at least in me, as in, once I got the whole rough draft done, it was like pulling teeth getting. It. Done. I like this strip, but I also don’t for that reason. I had to keep leaving it and working round 4 to get some acceleration to do another part of this one. And I don’t know why. Something was different about this one that the others don’t have, and I’m not asking you to come up with an answer, just saying. I’m pretty confident that it should never be this hard again, at least.

So some pointer-outers… uh…

I figured Sienna could hear the ghosts because she has the clearest mind, having forgotten so much, it’s much easier to hear what’s going on around you when you don’t have so much to constantly be thinking and worrying about. I did not just decide that suddenly she’s a psychic, or a medium, or whatever those nerds call themselves.

I mentioned before that Anna was originally from another story I had been making for a couple years, you know those original story ideas you come up with just in case you go dirt poor and have to resort to J.K.Rowling it and making your idea into a book because you know you’re defiantly not in the position now to be making it into a fabulous series that people would take the time to care about………. yea, those stories… ^^ so the whole incident thing was originally part of that. Anna had two friends from where she lives in America, sisters, which Anna had grown up with, and Anna and her mother became like family to theirs. The older one, Claire, who was a graduate from the college Anna’s mother taught at, and Claire’s younger sister, Megan, who is Anna’s age and has been attending the school Anna has been going to with her since. The incident some year and a half ago was basically it all comes down to, some guys they ran into, wrong place, wrong time, were under the influence, one was drugs, went nuts and killed Claire, Anna went ahead and ran out to try and help her and was aimed at when a cop shot the junkie. Old story, but still is part of her past technically in this story, too.

Anyways the significance behind it was that, it fit the theme I wanted to use between Anna and Sienna, plus it shows more on how Anna is what she is.

Also, Cybele seems to have accumulated her own back-story, too, and I must shift the blame to curiosity research, yes, I do a lot of it, ya know, when all the sudden you need to know something about something totally irrelevant and eventually you’re on Wikipedia and learned everything about something that you may never use again.

It’s from me wanting to know how Cybele came to Santrium in the first place from being a guardian on Earth, and it all started over 1200 years ago, it’s not important, but I’m not going to keep the story from you if you ask, I will tell you, and will be nothing less than happy doing so. ^^

And that demon up there is my interpretation of an agropelter. For anyone who has not heard me talk about them, and doesn’t know what they are, I would be surprised if you did, but they are an American, more specifically North Minnesotan mythological creature from the mid 1800’s made up by lumberjacks, most likely intoxicated, claiming that the North woods here had Agropelters; giant hideous monkeys that lived in the tops of trees and would throw or drop down huge branches and chunks of wood to kill working lumberjacks, XDDD

I’m going to be in a hurry to get the next strip up to take this one’s role as my latest. -.-

Please no criticism, critiquing, or pointing out mistakes, etc, at least here for now. If you absolutely must, do it personal, it’s been rough lately, so it's my fault. I understand folks do it out of love, but it’s lovingly killing me on the inside now.

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