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From Azanamas
Leader: Lord Araceli Tsiyone
Harpies that dwell within the mountain range have a strong standing with the Usarinon of the Lands. They seek to drive the humans from their homelands with the help of the Usarinon and they despise the Dwarves for carving into their mountain homes unsettling their nests and causing destruction for their rocky homes. The Harpies help with the land Usarinon by bringing things from the mountains that those on the land wouldn't otherwise be able to get. Allied with the Land Usarinon, the Harpies are not afraid to get involved within the conflicts between the species and would often times cause trouble for the humans and dwarves should they venture too close to their domain.

Alignments with certain Elements are not uncommon in the Harpies of Azanamas, but they are rarely seen anymore. There are very few known to be aligned with any element unless they take after someone from their distant ancestors. Araceli is one such case, his Phoenix like Heritage has allowed for him to align with the Fire Element. Other Elements would include Earth, Water and Air.

Gryphon of Paradise
Gryphon's of Paradise are specially bred Gryphons that the Harpies have prided themselves in selective breeding. All of the Gryphons that the Harpies ride are just as vibrantly colored as they are and come in many varieties opposed to the standard Lion/Eagle combinations seen.

Gryphon's of Paradise are commonly a combination of Leopard or Jaguar with a Peacock styled avian half. While they are not limited to these choices those are the majority of which are bred. Gryphon's of Paradise are NEVER allowed to have a Lion like heritage as it has been specifically bred out of them, if a Paradise shows signs that it's feline heritage is that of a Lions they are generally aged and bred before being released.

Other big cats such as Tigers, Cheetahs, and even Bobcats or Ocelots can be combined with them. Birds are generally brightly colored avians such as the Golden Pheasant, the Bird of Paradise itself, or even a Wood Duck or Flamingo. Any combination of bird is seen with the exception of the Eagles and Raptor birds of Prey... again, like the Lion the birds have been specifically bred OUT of the Gryphon's of Paradise.


Harpies within the Territory of Azanamas are a creature that do not follow your standard Harpy Figure in which their arms are their wings. Instead, the Harpies of the Azanamas bear a very Tengu like appearance that dwells on the more humanoid side of things. Many of the Harpies within the territory tend to draw colorations from natural birds, though there are rare cases in which a Harpy can fall into the category of mythological creatures. The most common being the Phoenix.

Harpies within the Territory of Azanamas have larger wings, that are meant for lifting off and carrying the weight of humans or other larger prey creatures that they get a hold of. The Harpies will often times capture human children for their friends the Usarinon to use for their mounts. While their feet are not properly designed after predatory birds such as Eagles or Vultures, they do have enough capability where they can grip onto the body and lift off.

One major thing that sets these Harpies apart from any others in the world of Esnaas is their overall body structure. In order to function properly with their bodies their skeletal structure has been updated to support the ability of flight. Harpies have their actual arms slightly 'lower' than where they should be, this is to accommodate for the wings that are actually taking the place of where the arm 'should' be. With the added wings comes the added set of shoulder blades for the wings, the majority of these structures are covered by the Axillaries from the wings themselves.

Harpies muscles have evolved to help them with their wings, their shoulders are broader due to extra muscles for the help of lifting the wings and look slightly odd from different perspectives. Harpies also have a slightly extended out chest, this added extra muscles to help perform with flight. Finally, an extra set of Pectorals is placed under the major set which connect back into the wings and allows for that extra help with muscle and to help actually make them better at flight in general. Both males and females have these extra pectorals, males are more noticeable than females however. Because of the Pectoral muscles the abs are slightly shorter, giving them a more 'compact' torso.

The harpies of Azanamas have soft fuzzy feathers around their upper arms and legs, these lead down and into the actual bird like qualities that both limbs have. Heavily scaled lower arms and legs are highly bird like in structure and style, with the hands having large talons and the feet resembling those of a birds. Harpies in Azanamas have a very 'woodpecker' like foot with two toes to the front and two toes to the back of the foot. These feet are designed to grip onto the hard rocks of the mountains and allow for them to climb with the help of their hands.

Because they live in the mountains, the Harpies have very Broad wings. You could say they have predatory bird wings like Vultures and Eagles, these wings help and allow for them to fly and soar through their territory with greater ease. Lastly, Harpies have very large tails, these here help them steer through their lands a lot easier than they would without one. While they are not the most graceful of creatures the Harpies are elegant and beautiful beyond reason.

Note: If you decide to make a Harpy you are not allowed to make a Phoenix based one as Araceli is one of a kind, and you are not allowed to have an Element Alignment in the beginning. This is earned through leveling.

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