Cynthia "Cyn" Dachs Quincy Picture

Quincy Character sheet.
Journal Entry: Sat Apr 23, 2011, 10:21 AM

Name: Cynthia “Sin” Dachs

Race: German American

Birthplace: San Francisco


Gender: Female

Height & Weight: 5’7” 145

Likes: blue and fun, she likes being a bit on the strange side and standing out. She likes ice cream and juice boxes as well as j pop and alernative music.

Dislikes: shinigami, hollows, arrancar. She hates being afraid.

Theme song(optional):

~ Appearance ~
She has her multicolored blue streaked hair pulled back into ponytails with white ribbons. She sports multiple piercings lip, eyebrow, nose, and all the way up her ears. Normally wears punk esq. Tight white shorts under a schoolgirl plaid skirt. White leather boots to her knees with multiple buckles. Several belts overlapping. A couple of tank tops or even her bra and a tank top under a dress or plaid shirt. A collar and her full arm multi-buckled bracers. It is all disorganized and some would say sloppy. But it arranged to be so.
Her Quincy gear is not much different though a bit more formal whites. A jacket with small cape reminiscing of a duster is added

~ Personality ~
Fun loving though rebellious. A bit of an ADD but is amused easily at things. [she is NOT and Oh look a shiny. Person. ] She is trying to combine her more laid back style of San Fran with the more formal style of Japan. She likes being a quincy is a bit cocky. But can also be polite

~ History ~
: Cynthia belongs to a family that fled to America. They had settled in San Francisco and she grew up there. Her great grandparents are the ones that fled but they have been teaching their descendants the Quincy ways. The family though has grown a bit more lenient in the ways of clothing and that sort of thing since they had gone into hiding. They did not think it pertinent. She has learned her heritage and the histories but is still part of the American culture as well.
Her family has delt with hollows, bounts, a stray arrancar or three, but not with shinigami. She has no difficulty facing and dealing with any of the above but when it comes to shinigami the family still has the fear of them coming to kill them. They lost all connection with those who stayed in japan. Cynthia being a bit of the black sheep and more daring of the family was sent to look and see under the cover of her acceptance to university, what if anything was left of the quincy.

~ Personal Status ~

Marital Status: Single

Vocation: College Student

Rank: [?]

Family: grandparents aunst uncles cousins mother father 2brother 2 sisters, all in sanfrancisco or sorrounding bay area and central valley of California. 1sister in Germany, 1 cousin in china.

Education: honors and high academics in high school enough to get her into college in Japan university. She is studying Japanese, mythology, and Buisness.

Bodily Status: Freckles

~ Chronological & Political Information ~

Affiliations: Quincy



Enemies: Las Noches, Seireitei.

~ ~ Powers & Abilities ~ ~

*Other strengths:
She is VERY good at seeing spirit Ribbons and actually pick out certain people from them

Advanced practitioner of Hirenkyaku.

Seele Schneider these she is very good at using though they are used more as sword and as blockers placing them into the same slot she uses for the ginto. She can use them as arrows but it is much more difficult because of size.

She is a contortionist and is also very fast.

~ Battle Stats ~ (For advanced posters.)

Offense: 75
Mobility: 90
Kidou/Reiatsu: 75
Physical Strength: 60


Skill grades: Zanjutsu (? ), Hirenkyaku (? ), Reiryoku (? ), Hakuda (? ) Ginto (? ). (Explanations at [link] )

~ Combat Weakness ~
List'em here.
Her weapons do not work well at long distance. She has to get fairly close at least medium range . This is usually a huge downfall for most quincy.

She cannot use ginto very well.

~ ~ Quincy ~ ~

*Bow Name

*Bow Definition: (Appearance and misc. features.)
Assassin wrist bows with sharp portions on the outside edges.
*Bow Abilities:
Wespenstich can rapid fire small intense bolts The edges of the small crossbows are sharp and can be used like blades. She can charge the with power to act as if they themselves were arrows. She has also used the firing of the crossbows at the ground or behind her to give her leaps more power and strength to get across distances and up higher quickly. This is especially true when combined with Hirenkyaku. He small ows can ready on their own.
*Ginto List:

~ ~ Misc ~ ~

Her bracers are able to take reishi and turn it so that the spiritual power of the quincy. Wearing them blends more into the surrounding area. This helps with hiding and with getting in closer to the target and through that target’s SP. There is a spot for loading I ginto so that their use can be continued in a lower reshi area if needed. They can also be used to store and refil both seele shnieder when they are placed into the glove and it is then hit. This only truly is different for the ginto

She is VERY good at seeing spirit Ribbons and actually pick out certain people from them
She is trying to learn Ransotengai but so far is failing and gets sick after every attempt. She believes since she is so good with ribbons she should be able to do it.


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