Contest Entry: Kimiko Rokurokubi Picture

Ooooohohohohoho!!!!!! I had SOOO much fun drawing this!

Lemme set the scene for you. Jack Spicer was invited to a haunted house during the month of Halloween. I think he usually wouldn't visit a haunted house, but pretend a shen gon wu is hiding in there somewhere. The Xiaolin Monks discover this turn of events as well and visits said haunted house. Kimiko and artist (me :3) come up with a plan to frighten away Jack Spicer from getting the shen gon wu. I paint creepy face make up on Kimiko's face, put in some scary contacts, and drench her face with fake blood! Then we dress her up into her pink kimono she wears in the third episode, and give her the lotus twister. We place her in a closet in the haunted house and have it open slightly ajar. (But here, I drew the door like one of those traditional japanese sliding doors. So we'll go along with that.) As we get ready for Jack Spicer to come by, Kimiko activates the Lotus Twister, stretches her neck towards the incoming jack, and scares the bejesus out of him! Then he runs screaming for his mommy out of the haunted house, unable to retrieve the wu. The Xiaolin Monks and I eventually find it.

So what I basically chose to draw was Kimiko as a Rokurokubi, which is a Japanese Yokai, most commonly female, that has the ability to stretch it's neck to incredible lengths. While they're not as dangerous, they do have a passion for frightening humans. I meant to dress Jack up as Dr. Horrible, but it ended up being kind of weird, which explains the half-assed costume he's wearing XD. I'm also not too happy with my drawing of Jack's reaction to Kimiko's super scary costume. I tried making it a bit more exaggerated like they did in the show, but I couldn't do it.

So yeah! I really enjoy scary things, and I especially love creating scary things to try and scare myself. Find a limit if you say. So if there are people out there who can't stand creepy things, then I give you a word of warning, this piece is kind of creepy and nightmare inducing to the younger audience. If you can't stand scary things then please be cautious! However if you do end up seeing this and you are scared, pm me and I'll comfort you with kittens and rainbows and unicorns and adorable stuff to make you feel better <:3

Xiaolin Showdown(Chronicles)/Kimiko/Jack (c) Christy Hui/Disney

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