Meet Kanna Picture

name: Kanna (doesn't remember last name)
age: 15
date of birth: February 14, 1997
likes: quiet places, reading, mythology, drawing

dislikes: busy places, hateful people, people who like perfection

what she's like:inventive, independent, unpredictable, unemotional, loyal to those she trusts, when she does talk she is very honest whether you like it or not

history: When she was little she was carrying a pair of scissors and her hand got hit up which caused the scissors to tear her face open. After weeks of being in the hospital, her parents took her home only to tell her that she was no longer going to live with them because of the scar that was left on her once flawless face. Her parents,wanting to keep their social image up, decided to send her to the Marple Orphanage.

Kanna is a victim of a family that is more concerned with their image in society
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