WIP-Throne Picture

This Saturday I couldn't be at home, but I forgot to carrie "Lucifer's Rebellion" on my laptop to continue the drawing. I was in the mood so I decided to do a related picture from zero. In "Lucifer's Rebellion" we are going to see a Seraph and other angels' uprising agaisnt Dieus (a twisted version of God in the mythology a friend and I share, who is related with "Dieus", the Protoindoeuropean Sky-God). In this picture I started a "Throne", the thirds in the angelical hierarchy. Thrones are heavy armored troops and they act as Dieus Praetorian Gard. They also gard important places like Eden Fortress, sharing the custody with the Cherubs but depending directly of Dieus instead of Seraph Lucifer, Eden's Commander.

Wait to see their wings...
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