Welcome to the Club Picture

First off allow me to thank everyone who participated in the first official project contest, including everyone who voted - you guys made this all possible, and I couldn't be more pleased. (:

Now, on to the main event: As of today, the new official ID of Colour Alliances: New Mythology has been unveiled! : D The winner of the contest is ~Rodentruler, who received 30 votes for her entry. The original submission can be viewed HERE, where you should also direct all comments and faves [although the club will accept them, as well (:].

These were the standings at the time the poll closed:

1ST PLACE: [link] - 30 votes
2ND PLACE: [link] - 20 votes
3RD PLACE: [link] - 17 votes
4TH PLACE: [link] - 6 votes
5TH PLACE: [link] - 3 votes
6TH PLACE: [link] - 1 vote

Congratulations again to ~Rodentruler, and thank you again to all those who participated and helped make this contest possible!Look for guidelines for the next project contest coming soon. (: The theme? DESIGN A PROJECT MASCOT! 8D

...I like that the Green foo dog is in the front. 8)


Disclaimer: This image has been reproduced here with the full knowledge and permission of its owner. I do not own it nor do I claim to have created it.

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