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Well, I said I was going to post something along the lines of this. It's not much, but it's something, right?

Name: Occuda Rydwan (Oculus, being Latin for Eye, There is a myth specifically associated with the peacock’s tail and how it came to have eyes on it, also mentioned in the Greek mythology associated with her sign, Pavo, which is Latin for Peacock. Cauda, Latin for the word tail, as it states in the myth that Hermes killed Argus and placed his eyes onto the Peacock’s tail. Rydwan, Polish for chariot, which mentions in the Greek myth that peacocks were used to pull Hera’s chariot.)

Age: 6 sweeps

Blood Color: Cobalt

TrollTag: castAdstrum (Cast, in relation to her hobby of glass-molding for the higher blood castes. Adstrum, being Latin for Star.)

Sign: Pavo

Strife Specibus: staffKind (As peacocks are usually associated with royalty, staffkind obviously fits in with the theme. Upon the metal decals of the staff, there are star engravings, which represent the eyes of the tail to be said to be the eyes of the stars.)

Typing Quirk: 'I' and 'i' become ")", "O" and "o" becomes "()". Perfect grammar and syntax. To emphasize words, she writes them in all caps.

Fetch Modus: Simon Says Modus: The user must comply to a demand that the modus randomly generates in order to gain the item. For example, the modus could say, “Hold your breath for 20 seconds.” or, “Throw a knife at the nearest wall.” The risks of these tasks can vary. This associates with her loyalty to the higher castes and the royal symbolism of the peacock.

Lusus: A peacock with one eye on each of the ‘eyes’ on each feather. The peacock is about 15 feet tall, 10% of the total amount of tails it has.

Ancestor: Margrave Perceive

Personality: Usually being very tranquil, Ocuuda isn’t usually phased by things. Her usual expression can give off the impression that she just doesn’t care- when it’s exactly the opposite. She genuinely cares about people of her caste and above, which brings on the topic of her extreme hemoloyalty. Despite her only being at the lower high end of the hemospectrum, she has an extreme fondness of it and is willing to discriminate anyone who’s below her rank. Her obvious liking for those in her caste and above has caused her to create gifts for them to obtain their own liking. This would be her glass creations.
When angry, she becomes much louder than usual. This can trigger yelling, stomping, blue-face-ness, teeth gritting, etc. This also occurs when she’s sad, or any other form of being upset.

Interests: She enjoys the art of glass-molding, which was how she made her staff (being a tall metal rod with a glass blade attached to the top). With this hobby and profession, she creates glass figurines and other things such as vases and cups to those of her class and above, exception to those lower to her in any of her quadrants or those who are close to her. She also finds fondness out of meditation or anything else along the lines of finding tranquility. This can range from reading a book to preforming hardcore yoga by herself, hoping that no one is watching.
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