The Sixheads or the Whirlpool Picture

Scylla and Charybdis from Greek Mythology. Since there are many different versions of this duo I decided to make a version that might be close to what the greeks saw. BTW Ill possbily redo this one and color it.

Sylla: a SeaStar like creature that anchors it self on high cliffs. They have a centeral eye and three others placed randomly on the six mouths that fan outward. They are capable of self fertilazation.

Charybdis: Eels of titanic proportions. They are usually found anchored to the sea floor near a Sylla as so they can steal whatever it drops or misses. If a ship chooses to try to avoid Sylla, Charybdis's sensory organs with kick start a whirlpool without the creature choosing to. They are also capable of self fertilazation.
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