Ares: God of War. God of Mars Picture

A redesign of another character in the Tytan saga. May or may not have affiliation with a Spartan king or Martian named Marvin.

Earth is not the only place that hosts super powered beings; the galaxy is full of them. Meet the war lord of our neighboring planet, and adversary to Tytan: Ares.

After being banned from Olympus, the Greek superhuman declared war on all of the Olympians. He was swiftly defeated (Daddy Zeus wasn't having any of that). Ashamed and filled with rage, the former Olympian created an empire on the heavily populated planet of Mars, by massacring the indigenous and populating the planet with various his army: the ghosts of the 300 Spartans.

Ares deeply loves satisfying his blood lust through combat (everyone needs a hobby). He has no qualms over killing anyone in his path. He is the creator and master of almost every fighting style in the galaxy. He is constantly fueled by the blood of the fallen so he is virtually immortal. And he has an army of of the undead that he can summon to aid him in combat. Just to make things more fun by increasing the carnage ("the more the merrier").

Note: Olympus is not a mountain in Ancient Greece were all the gods and goddesses hang out, but just one of the many alliances of Superbeings (extraterrestrials) in the galaxy. He can change his appearance to look like a human being (all Olympians have that ability), but prefers to be in his natural onyx state.

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