"Knight And Squire" Picture

Knight/Squire of Honor

The knight (or squire) of honor will have the function of a marshal in the lists. If he or she should lower the cloth over a fighter, that fighter is under the protection of the ladies and may not be struck until the cloth is again removed. (For melees only). The Chalice King of arms shall have conferred with the judges who have the name of the Knight/Squire of honor received by vote placed in a box during the Helmshau. With the permission of the court, the Chalice King of Arms will cause the noble to be called before the court and the following announcement given:

"Very noble and redoubted knight (or very noble and gentle squire), as it has always been the custom of ladies and damsels to have compassion, those who have come to see the tourney that will be held tomorrow, fearing that some gentleman who has done ill out of simplicity may be chastised too heavily by the demands of justice, and not wishing to see anyone beaten very hard, regardless of who he is, unless they can help him, the ladies have asked the judges to assign to them a famous, wise, and notable knight or squire who, more than all others, deserves the honor of carrying on their behalf this veil on the end of a lance tomorrow at the tourney. And if someone is too severely beaten, the knight or squire will touch his crest with the veil, and all those beating him must stop and not dare touch him: because from that hour forward, the ladies have taken him under their protection and safeguard. You have been chosen above all others at this tourney to be their knight (or squire) of honor, and undertake this charge, and they ask and require you to do as they wish, and so do the judges. Then the ladies should give him the veil, asking him to do this; and after, the knight (or squire) kisses them, and then answers them as follows:

I humbly thank my ladies and damsels for the honor it has pleased them to do to me: and although they could easily have found others who could do this better, and who merit this honor more than I, nevertheless I obey the ladies freely and will do my loyal duty, asking always that they forgive my mistakes."
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