The Wizard Picture

Name: Real name unknown, goes by the name of The Wizard or The Dark Wizard.
Age: Unknown.
Date of Birth: Unknown.
Gender: Male.
Occupation: Dark Wizard of Faraway Kingdom.
Residence: The Dark Tower(A.K.A. The Wizard's Tower) located in the edge of the Grimm Woods.
Height: 5'ft 25"in.
Weight: 65kg.
Eye Color: White.
Hair Color: Unknown.
Personality: Quiet and serious. If he laughs or smiles is because he's possesed by a demon(probably). Takes things seriously, anything is a job for him that he must acomplish in the right way and successfully. Can be sarcastic, many times indeed.
Appearence: His appearence is unknown,he's always with his hood covering his face, his arms have burn scars and are coverd by bandages. He's always with his dark purple enchated hood that can make him invisible and sometimes even teleport. Wears a pair of shoulderpads and gauntlets made of Nonochalybs, his boots have also some pieces of Nanochalybs. His belt has pockets for carry herbs and other small things and in the middle of it lays a magic stone, just like the one of his golden staff but smaller. Another two belts in his chest for carry potions,herbs and other small stuff. His green sash is a piece of clothing that wizards from the Land of Oz have(mostly apprendices but some still carry it to show that they came from Oz).
Backstory: Not much is known about him, not even his true name nor when he came to the Grimm Village. They call him The Wizard or The Dark Wizard since that's what he is. Some people say he's from the distant Land of Oz and once was a close friend of one of the witches of there, that would explains how he knows magic since Oz is the only place known to have witches and wizards and that's where all of them came from, but of course, no one knows the true past of this man. The only thing people know is that he doesn't have hands,that's the why he walks with those gauntlets made of Nanochalybs(the Dwarven Steel) enchanted by himself. He lost the hands when the monstruous Cherufe attacked the kingdom and in the battle the monster burnt and ate both his hands. Thankfully, he didn't needed those to use magic and killed the monster freezing it with his mind. Now the Wizard guides the Baker Brothers into the Grimm Woods to save Faraway Kingdom and their world. But can they really trust this mysterious wizard?

The first one of my story's characters. Many things about him shall be revealed in the future. This one is my favorite and soon I might show how he's like without the hood and even how he was like when young. I still not happy with the anatomy, the thing that I hate most and no matter how much I train I never get it right... Anatomy, Y U SO HARD TO DRAW!?
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