''Modern Tengu'' concept Picture

"I don't know who you think you are, but this mountain doesn't take kindly to certain types of people. I may just be the door guard, but be thankful you didn't piss me off."

Still an unnamed character, but I do have his personality kinda done. He's certainly quite a bit more handsome than a lot of characters I've drawn before, I guess. Oh, ladies~

So, he's a tengu. His nose is naturally a bit reddish, so some people may mistake him as being sick. he's not too old, I guess, being about 300 or so, but he certainly does look older. (Especially compared to Aya Shameimaru from Touhou, who is over 1000 if the wiki's to be believed.)

It's just that he naturally went into this form. His ascendants were crow tengu, but he does share traits of both kinds from the mythology. He's well-versed in tracking through the mountain he calls home, and knows it inside and out. He's even more in-tune with the nature around there than most of the older tengu.

He's not a boisterous braggart or anything, and can sometimes come off as a bit hard on himself, but he can come across as hard on everything. He's a bit deadpan and snarky, occasionally making jokes at others expenses with absolutely perfect delivery. Still, he can be quite serious at times. When anyone, human or youkai, with enough sanity and intelligence to form an answer comes into his territory, he will always ask what their business is on the mountain. Those who do not come to an answer are told to leave the place until they can come up with a reasoning. Those who refuse to leave are forced. That's just the way.

Still, with those who he is familiar with, he does become a bit friendly. When hikers come around for the purpose of enjoying a nature walk, he will give them a few pointers on surviving the mountain, and tips on how not to anger the other tengu, who may be a bit harder on humans and the like.

He's fiercely protective, though. One misstep around his loved ones, and he's been known to severely injure people. He may not brag, but he knows damn well his own power, and doesn't ever lose control of it. He always knows just how hard he can bend something before it breaks.

He certainly seems like a fierce, serious fellow, doesn't he? Oh yeah, and he dislikes staying in cities for too long. He will occasionally trek into cities and have a bite to eat at restaurants, because he's admittedly not a terribly good cook. He'll also bring groceries and ingredients, and has even been known to walk into cities to deliver those in need of medical attention, but he would absolutely hate living in them.

The original line art made him look a bit too much like Chad from "Bleach", so I did a few things to spruce him up a bit. The jacket is somewhat ripped from an earlier character, Marcael. That middle finger... oh man, that's just from him. Don't worry about it.
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