Sirenscale| DewClan Warrior | TFC Picture

•Name: Sirenscale
Prefix: Siren | A siren is a being from Greek mythology who were known for there diseving song, he was given this name after them becuase his voice was too beautiful and sly.
Suffix: Scale | Named after his scale like pattern on his pelt.

•Age: 45 moons

•Shine/Shadow: [♂] Skipper | Shine | Dog Fish

•Gender: Tom / Male / ♂

•Clan: DewClan

•Rank: Warrior

•Breed: Moggy

•Orientation: Demisexual | Hetroromantic

•Voice:… - Pc Bob Walker (Guy with the dog)

•Scent: Smells like wet wood

•Height: Slightly shorter than average

•Weight: That of an average well built tom

•Fur Length/Texture: His fur is long and traps heat rather well as the way his strands are naturally positioned. This also add's that little bit of almost water proof like advancement. To put it simply he's like a none cute seal. It's pelt is what he gets his prefix from due to its appearance of that of scales and he is mulitplue shades of gray and green.

•Scars or Disabilities: Sirenscale's jaw/tough was ripped by a bear this cause's him to have a lisp and almost no sence of taste. The mussel between the jaw and the skull bones was ripped so his mouth usually just hangs open unless forced upwards.


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