Research on my Project~ (UKPH related) Picture

First Panel:
Wui! = Hey! or Oy!
Dito! = "Over here!"

And my two friends never saw me the same way again. XD.
Later on, I did add I was going to do the same amount of research for other ideas such as Philippine Mythology, Philippine Ethnic groups and even searching for other foreign relations with the Philippines. Both of them could only stare at me and walk ahead~.

I'm serious. After I get a break after exams, I am off to find new sources (and I thank my Filipiniana library for all the sources I can get).

Perhaps to others, it might not be weird. But all three of us here are Biology Majors, and to see a Biology Major (who I suppose should be more excited with the discovery perhaps of a newly found gene or new medince or anything more biology related) who is going on a research on history is certainly new. HECK! My Genetics Professor adds historical information BEFORE our genetics class! How cool is that!

(He did have a reason. It seems years ago, the Biology course required a lot of Social Sciences to study, especially in history and political science. For a "well-rounded individual" was the reason. So yes, he's passing it down to us. But I LOVE THE INFO. I'll share them next time)

Of course, every course has a different and unique member in it. Such as in our Biology batch, we have tons who are "gamers", "artists", "dancers", "musicians" and "singers". Heck, back during our College of Science carol fest, all 3 places went to Biology Major organizations. Just some additional info for you guys. Biology and Math are quite more in sync with music than other science courses. I am not sure about math, but hey perhaps it's about patterns and beats and counts. Biology has a more practical use since music has been added as an item for medicine. Musical therapies are always a big hit and even a stress-reliever.

Perhaps you have research "Best Background Instrumental Music for Studies" and others? The guy who made those is a doctor. And believe me. THEY WORK.

Back to the picture!

Well, as my friend here said later on: "Walang basagan ng trip!" or "No messing around with people's interests" or so. I decided to do a little more research on the UKPH relationship. Truthfully, I do agree I know little or less about the subject. I suppose that may be the same for the rest of us. The best I can find are those here in the internet. Imagine my surprise when I decided to check out my library for this.

I had 3-6 references seen. But the best 3 I found were:
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