418 - And then there's this July Picture

Quick mentions before I start. I did recieve a fair complaint with the last month review. Mainly in that I didn't cover Brazil's poverty crisis. I would like to extend an apology on that regard, however as I stated in the annual year reviews I do (which I'm considering terminating those since I do these month reviews now) are all based on my experiences or what I alone have witnessed. It would be impossible to include EVERY news item that happens a month, because if I did these comics would be 50 panels long and could be a small novel in the review section.

So please don't view it as me being inconsiderate if I fail to mention something. That and I'm trying to condense these down to at least 7 items a month. Another thing I will say is I write these month reviews based on my own individual thoughts or viewpoint. Meaning I won't write what panders to you personally. For example I got a few comments regarding the Ubi-Soft outrage and how I didn't see what people were upset over. Because again, I find people who support what Anita Sarkiseen's saying should be dismissed without a moment's hesitation. So to prevent another pile up in the comments section, I'll only try to respond to the more valid arguments from now on.

Also, I want to wish a late Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Kayla (who's the inspiration for Kayla Lane) and she requested the Mileena costume herself. Yeah, a female asking to be dressed in a sexy costume.

Imagine that
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