Hugin The Crow of Thinking Picture

Height-2 meters
Length from wing to wing-9 meters
Weight-4 tons
Type-Holy Wild Creature
Weapon-Claws, mouth, and agility.
Bio-The escandinavian mythology says the the God Odin had a pair of crows that flew over Midgard and then used to comeback to Valhala to whisper in his ears what they saw.Well, those crows existed, in the Earth.Only, they were just regular giant crows.When humanity started not to believe in monsters and magic creatures again, they had no place else to go.They were taken by Engard, and lived there for the rest of their lives.
The crows helped the four brothers on their journey, and became excellent allies.Hugin, is the crow of thinking.He is able to read people's minds and make his actions based on people's thoughts.
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