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Tale of the Lady of the moon and the werewolf
Chapter II: The Rose of the Dead One

The dark blue night began to fade into a Crimson red and the sound of owls slowly became mute, the stench hadn’t disappeared from the air however, the moon seemed to be the Sun and the forest, hell.
Soon a spirit was to be sighted in the middle of the woods. It was the same girl who sang along the peaceful night whispers.
Her face showed how scary she was of the crimson night, it was not as she was used to, it was always very peaceful and no one could ever disturb it. Only a monster could have disturbed that forest.
The spirit thought to herself about this and soon enough she felt that she had to find what was happening. She ran as fast as she could only to fall to the ground. There she stood, looking to the star covered abyssal sky, now red. Then she tried to get up and as she did it she put her hand over a dead flower, surprised by the sudden appearamce of the object she looked at it startled, then calming herself she grabbed it and as the dead rose turned into the most beautifull flower ever seen. It was then that she found something strange. Something she had never seen before and she had already seen everything in that forest.
The stone was old and seemed important, in it something was unscripted. She quickly got up to read the inscription of what appeared to be a grave.

Here lies Alexandru Lapusneanu king of Suceava
(1512 - 1568)

The spirit noticed that the once dead flower belonged to that grave so she decided to put the rose back on the ground, along with it's owner.As she lowered she wondered if she hadn’t seen that grave before as a short flashing memory appeared in her mind. The black rose suddenly shone as the spirit drew a sad smile into the grave. The rose was trying to tell her something.

It was then that the spirit heard a noise behind her. She tried to turn but she fell to the ground unconscious before she could see what was behind her.


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For those who didn't read my journal:

This tale happens in Romania. More specificably in Suceava And some of it's content has to do with Romanian culture and mythology. Of course some other stuff is pure imagination as I do not know if there's a forest near Suceava and all that but has Romania is well known for it's stories about vampires and werewolves I thought it was the best place for this story.

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