BS-2-07 KeekvsXem WIP Picture

Xem falls into a puddle, and I saw in his last BS entry that he wasn't affected by water, so I wanted to incorporate that. Cesium/Caesium (Cs) is used as a catalyst for some organic materials, and as a treatment for cancer and other medical-type stuff, so Keek has some of it with him. Wanna see what happens when water and Cesium mix? :3 Oh I know you do.

2:00 - 3:05-ish are the moments of interest on this video, though I think the whole thing's pretty fascinating.

Four second video of teh boom! [link]

a two minute video of teh boom in super slow motion [link]

and seven minute video about Cs if you're super interested. I seriously found a website where the guy describing it sounded like he wanted to sleep with Cs if it wouldn't ... ah ... explode ... XD So who knows? You might be interested enough to watch this. >.> I did.
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