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Icarus Airheart


Icarus Airheart is a member of VanHelseus Society whose specialty is flight. He is able to pilot almost anything that can fly. Whether it be a mechanical plane or winged creature, if it can fly, Icarus can fly it. Apart from having the ability to pilot anything that can fly, Icarus knows how to "fly" himself in mid-air without the aid of any flying apparatus. While he looks like he can fly like a superhero or some sort, in reality he's just flapping his arms so fast that it looks like he's levitating. Though this technique is rather tiresome and a bit impossible by human standards, Icarus has been able to perfect this through intensive training. It is however still a bit tiresome, so Icarus can only fly for certain amount of time.

As a member of the VanHelseus Society, Icarus provides air support and reconnaissance. His sense of direction is a bit off, so he often uses a compass. This can be at times be a bit silly as he uses it even in places where one can't get lost, like in a straight hallway. Icarus also has a slight aversion to intense heat. If he is exposed to too much heat, he will immediately pass out. This is a bit of an irony as his favored mode of travel, flying, exposes him to greatest source of heat, the sun. As a result, Icarus is a bit of a frequent crasher in the day. So far however, he hasn't yet had a serious injury, the same unfortunately can't be said for his poor passengers.

While his main specialty is flight, unknown to most of the VanHelseus Society, Icarus also has some experience as a lawyer. Due to the organization's expectations of him however, this little talent of his hasn't been fully explored. It is thus unknown by any of the other members if he is any good in any legislative case.
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