My Top Ten Favorite Comics EVER Picture

Here are my top ten favorite comics ever! How bout yours!? Fill one of these [link] out and link to me so I can see what you chose!

Why these?
Uncanny X-Men 233: I had just moved from Denver (where this issue takes place) to Albuquerque and really missed it. I thought it was awesome that the X-Men were in my home town! Love Colossus, love the "Australian X-Men", love Silvestri...
X-Men #1: I was AMAZED at how dynamic and powerful everyone in this issue seemed. Magneto for the first time in my experience was truly menacing. I could feel that Jim Lee and Chris Claremont really knew how special it was to get the chance to launch a new X-Men series.
Alpha Flight 62: Encouraged to buy this by the cousin who got me into comics, I didnt even know what I was looking at. I was unfamiliar with most of the characters (no Vindicator?!). But this was my first experience with Jim Lee and I was (and still am) blown away by it.
(not yet Uncanny) X-Men 113: Super dooper under a volcano battle against Magento with my favorite X-Men team EVER. The "Death" of the X-Men was referred to for years to come in the subsequent issues, so I had to track down where it happened. Love it. Byrne was really fired up and doing great work leading into the Dark Phoenix Saga.
GI Joe 21: Possibly my favorite comic cover ever. And Snake Eyes and totally silent. What more could a kid ask for?!
Thor 350: Thor remains one of my favorite heroes of all time. I got into this series many years after it happened. Given the whole run, by again that same cousin, I fell in love with Thor, Simonsons storytelling and the whole Thor mythology (both Marvel and ancient history, my Son is named Odin).
Punisher War Journal 19: This was one of the first comics I ever collected. Again Jim Lee. Just really connected with this vengeful hero. I was a bit of a bottled up, angry kid.
Thor 3: Seeing Thor take Tony Stark to task for cloning him and whoop his ass was very, very cool. Also liked the return of Heimdal, the first of the Asgardians returned to life by Thor. Coipel melts my brain.
Nightwing 30: Sortve odd choice, but for me this is hands down the best example of how AWESOME Superman is. Seeing him in Nightwings world made him that much more of a god. McDaniel was also very inspiring to me when I was considering getting into comics professionally (and a main reason I got accepted tothe Joe Kubert School).
Danger Girl 1: I know, I know... No Watchmen!? No Dark Knight Returns?! No Maus?! Danger Girl?!?!? Yep, Danger Girl. The excitment around the Cliffhanger brand, and the energy these guys dumped into this irreverent artwork and story telling really engaged me in a way that is hard to describe!

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